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[France] [7.72] Shadow-illusion | 29 September 18:00 CEST

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Jun 17, 2021
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👐Dear Players👐​

We would like to announce with pleasure and invite you to the newly upcoming world of Shadow-Illusion, which will officially open on 29.09.2022 at 18:00 CEST/13:00 GMT-3. There are a number of good changes on the server, which will clearly affect your gameplay, in a good way of course. New challenges such as Quests, Monsters, Missions, Islands and Dungeons are also waiting for you. There will also be a lot of fun in PVP, because we have done our best to balance the professions even more. New features that await you are the crafting with legendary items and dungeon system. As well as extensive changes to the mission systems, where players will have to demonstrate proper planning and choice of tasks. There will be no shortage of challenges and fun and you will enjoy every second playing Shadow-Illusion! We invite you to our Discord Server & Facebook Fanpage, where competitions will be waiting for you before the start! For more information, please follow our website and discord! You are welcome!​

👉Rates on server:

  • Exp Stage:
  • 1-30 x10
  • 31 - 60 x8
  • 61 - 120 x6
  • 121- 200 x4
  • 201 - 325 x2
  • 326 - 450 x1
  • 451 - xxx x0.5
  • Magic Level: x1.5
  • Skills: x2 (Fast attack)
  • Loot: x2
  • Spawn: x2

👉Below you can find what changes we have made compared to last editon.

🢂What we have add new on server?
  • Added protection to members of party if party aren't higher than 4 members and all of them have different vocation then you will made half of damage to them,
  • New system of boosted creatures which after every server save for next 24 hours two of monsters are boosted with +25% experience and +25% loot,
  • Support items aren’t now wearable on ammo slot because we have created a special box named as drakenium box which are available for all players from beginning below ammo slot where was soul informations. At beginning all of players have 2 slots for free and 3 more slots can be bought via points,
  • Added new system named as Daily Quests where player will be available to choose one of three different quests every 24 hours,
  • Added saving of backpack setting and after relog they will be opened as they was before logout,
  • Added Spectator system which working similar as cast system but you will be possible to watch people without logout of your character,
  • Added new Dungeon system where players can fight against other people to be the best Dungeon player in the server due score of Solo Runners and Group Runners. All of dungeons have 6 different difficulty and each higher difficulty give player more chance for get better rewards and additional bonus to experience from killed monsters at dungeon but of course all of monsters will be stronger,
  • Added Global Boosts of Experience and Loot which can be activated by Gamemasters,
  • Added new Stamina System and at beginning players will have 42 hours of stamina and from 42:00 to 40:00 will have happy hours with +50% XP but only if have a Premium Account. When stamina will down untill 14:00 then player will have -50% XP and 0 loot. If player are logout then stamina regenerate from 40:00 till 42:00 1 minute per 6 minutes of offline and from 00:00 till 39:59 1 minute per 3 minutes of offline but if player will attack Trainer then stamina will regenerate from 40:00 till 42:00 1 minute per 4 minutes of attacking Trainer and from 00:00 till 39:59 1 minute per 2 minutes of attacking Trainer. Please don't worry - there are additional stamina regeneration options available in the game for players who spend more time on hunting grounds. Among other things Stamina Bear which adds 6 hours of stamina and can be used only when our stamina drops below 14 hours,
  • Made optymalization of movement character on the server. Now walking is more smoother and smarter. Also speed has been properly adjusted for gameplay.
🢂General changes on server
  • Reduced amount of experience returned from death redemption scroll and NPC,
  • Delete NON-PVP System,
  • Changed bonuses in party to be more effectivity during Team Hunts,
  • Rewritted system of loot boost from scrolls,
  • Added 6th bless NPC to Dream Island and 7th bless NPC to Underworld,
  • Random present box and Advanced present box has been reworked to make them more valuable and added them to FAQ,
  • Skinning of monsters now will be more comfortable,
  • Added functional CTRL+R to make report for Gamemasters,
  • Reworked Anti-Idle from store and changed it to Training Assistance due fact that now will give +10% faster skills,
  • Changed market fee of create offerts for items with points currency and now fee will cost in gold coins.
  • Rewritten system of War Mode and now all will working as they should,
  • Skinning of monsters by obsidian knife has been accelerated.
🢂Changes in missioners
  • Balanced experience rewards in such a way as not to damage gameplay,
  • Rewards in items has been boosted,
  • Requirements for collected items have been changed for smaller amounts,
  • Now accesses into new Island are much faster,
  • Added new pleasant missions.
🢂Changes in monsters
  • Balanced ratio of health and damage into better experience,
  • Reworked loot from monsters to make them more equal,
  • Added new monsters for low, medium and high level players.
🢂Changes in bosses
  • Added new bosses from tasks,
  • Balanced of they power and experience to make them more equal,
  • Added Daily bosses which will be spawned 1 or 2x per day,
  • Added new Hourly boss into new Dream Island,
  • Loot from Hourly Bosses have been improved.
🢂Changes in quests
  • Reworked few quests for low levels to make them more challenging,
  • Reworked few quests for high levels to be diverse due new monsters,
  • Added new quests for more challenge.
🢂Changes in islands
  • A new island has been added named as Dream Island which focuses mainly on the RPG aspects where there is a lot of space for freedom and battle. There are only new monster which can only be reached on feet without teleports. This island focused at both low and high level players,
  • Access to each island is now gained more quickly,
  • Requirements on some islands have been changed when it comes to purchasing items and accessing into exp spots.
🢂Changes in items
  • All of items has been reworked due to better balance of vocations,
  • Equipments for druid, sorcerer and paladin have been established in such a way as to avoid as much as possible protect of all elements,
  • Paladin weapons for early and medium late has been reworked for two-handed(new crossbows and bolts),
  • Now only Knight equipments full focus on protection of all elements,
  • Items for shadow soils and from INQ have been reworked to be more valuable,
  • New attributes in items with mana and life leech,
  • New support items,
  • Created new set named as Starlight which will give constant bonuses to experience if will be weared,
  • All attributes of items now will be visible even from far,
  • Fixed problem with visible required level on wands,
  • Fixed problem with speed displaying correctly in items.
🢂Changes in crafting
  • New tier legendary has been added which mainly focus on late game,
  • Added few new items into this system,
  • Requirements to create items have been reworked,
  • No more problems with disappearing backpacks,
  • Corrected descriptions of items attributes to be more understandable.
🢂Changes in NPCs
  • Many unnecessary dialogues and some items that couldn’t be bought were removed,
  • Captain Slayer, Golemus and Voodoo Chief got a special window to make buying items more enjoyable,
  • Now after unlocking by use each task slot tome you will have possibility to take 3 tasks in one time from Negotium Gnome,
  • Merlin has more items available for purchase with boss herbs.
🢂Changes in build player gems
  • Added new gem type named as Rune Gem which will increase healing from manarune and ultimate healing rune,
  • Added second new gem type named as Speed Gem which will increase movement speed,
  • Increased max limit in some gems.
🢂Changes in vocation
  • Druid has been improved in terms of damage and now doesn’t stand out significantly from rest of vocations,
  • Paralyze rune has been completely rewritten and now is much better and more effective.
🢂Changes in events
  • New event Werewolf which working as zombie event where you need to run of them to don’t get touched,
  • New event Monster Hunt where you need to kill as many creatures as possible in 1 hour and after this you will gain a reward. There will be 2 difficult levels in one time LOW/HIGH.
🢂Changes in runes
  • All type of manarunes has been reworked due to lack of much differences,
  • Normal manarune now will be available also for elite knight,
  • Some price of runes has been reduced.

⭐New Dungeon System,

⭐Reworked task window,

⭐New spectator system,

👏Join to our Discord and Social media because we made much giveways with premium points before start!

👉Discord server:Join the Shadow-Illusion Discord Server! (https://www.discord.gg/shadowillusion)
👉Social media:Shadow-Illusion OT (https://www.facebook.com/ShadowIllusionCom)
👉Server site:Latest News - Shadow-Illusion (https://shadow-illusion.com/)

Thank You!​



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Jan 1, 2010
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Recommend this server and this company, this server its from players to players, i had an ocassion to work with them, very nice custom ots with many features :)


New Member
Feb 6, 2018
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In the changes of profession, I only see a note about ED and I heard that it has changed a bit for RP, is that true?
It's also nice that you finally thought about the stamina and nerf of the missions requirements. What is the current issue with Sms Shop?
Are all items already obtainable without any problems in the game?


Jun 17, 2021
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In the changes of profession, I only see a note about ED and I heard that it has changed a bit for RP, is that true?
Yes, it is true that RP has also undergone small changes.
"Paladin weapons for early and medium late has been reworked for two-handed (new crossbows and bolts)" - in our news on website.

What is the current issue with Sms Shop?
Are all items already obtainable without any problems in the game?
All items that are available in the SMS Shop are also available in the game in the form of quests or loot from bosses / dungeons etc.

Better than realesta ?
We are a completely different type of server. We invite you to check it tomorrow at 18 CEST!


Banned User
Jan 16, 2022
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It already crashed...
Spoofed server and even their paid streamers in complete p2w sets that give 100 mana regen/s are mocking it.

Dear players, we apologize for this situation. The fault on the server room side.
You wish they had some dignity

Don't spend any money here!


Active Member
Oct 31, 2009
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All trainers are taken by random bots. Thats just greedy, he wants you to buy premium so you can skill.


Active Member
Dec 12, 2021
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Not recommended. Spoofs and if you pay gm, you will have everything you want.


Jun 17, 2021
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Welcome everyone! We are impressed by what is happening on Shadow Illusion. All of us are working so hard to make our server one of the best that you had a chance to see and play. We didn't expect to have that many players and it's amazing that over 1100 players stay with us so we are making best to present you all of the news that gonna be introduced after server save. Also new further challenges are coming soon!

New on server:
  • Stamina bear has been added into Merlin for boss herbs,
  • Stamina bear has been added into Monster Hunt event,
  • Added "exana vis" spell,
  • Monster Hunt event has been activated.

Improved on server:
  • Added Herbert into Dream Island,
  • Added Banker into Dream Island,
  • Fixed problem in party with -50% healing value,
  • Removed PZ lock to travel via Captain's NPCs,
  • Added paralyze removals into ultimate healing rune and intense healing rune,
  • Removed energy effect from Ice Witches,
  • Change requirements for Banshee Quest to 70 lvl,
  • Refill stamina has been changed to 6 hours,
  • Stamina bear has been changed to be used from 200 lvl,
  • Stamin bear crafting cost has been decreased,
  • Protection gem crafting cost has been decreased,
  • NPC Kawill has been removed and now phoenix bless can be bought only in Pydar.

Monsters where loot has been increased for around 30%:
  • Demon Lord,
  • Vampire Bride,
  • Orshabaal,
  • Spectre,
  • Demodras,
  • Medusa,
  • Frozen Dragon,
  • Osiris,
  • Infernalist,
  • Serpent Spawn,
  • Demon,
  • Bog Raider,
  • Grim Reaper,
  • Ancient Scarab,
  • Terror Bird.

Thank You!​



New Member
Feb 6, 2018
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When are you planning a major update?
How often are major updates released?

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