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[France] [7.92] [High EXP] [Inferna] [RealMap] [PVP-Enforced] Start: 09-12-2022 18.00 CEST🎅

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Oct 30, 2022
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Welcome, newcomers,
Inferna Online is the project that was started in the beginning of October 2020. From this date we focused to create a stable server without crashes,
tests where people participated. The end, or rather said the new beginning, will have a place on 09.12.2022 - 18:00 CET

From the start, our main goal was to create 7.92 fork. Long term gameplay, tough PvP-Enforced were the motives that drove us here.
The project's idea is to create a long term, slow paced server that people can enjoy over course of years. This means we do not plan any resets on the server.
While we want to have a server like slow-paced RPG style, we also want you to feel a sense of character development.

We want to ensure fair gameplay for players, encourage them to achieve everything by themselves, and buying account/items is going the easy way.
In most cases, the punishment for breaking the rules is deleting your account. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our rules.
All formulas and mechanics has been adjusted according to Cipsofts hidden functions
We've written an entirely new system of how data is saved as we found the standard way lacking. All houses, characters and floor tiles are now saved in real-time effectively making rollbacks impossible.
Monster Behavior has been altered according to Cipsofts system
The speed system has been rewritten with perfect haste/paralyze systems. No more buggy ultra slow-motion paralyzes like OT-players have grown accustomed too.
Accurate formulas for spells like Berserk, Poison Storm and Burst Arrows
Cipsofts Distance System, range and angle to monster matters like in Real Tibia.
Perfect Stability. Our new server and netcode is built to support theoretically thousands of players. If a crash would occur, the server wouldn't rollback more than 1 minute.

when we said that we want players to achieve everything by themselves, we mean it! This is why in premium shop you can only buy Misc Items such as Name change or gender change.

On the very start, there is already custom content added, meaning in a day or two you could theoretically already encounter it, although it is unlikely. Keep in mind, however that we want to keep it in a 7.92 role-play style, so prepare yourself for riddles and dungeon explorations.

Tasks are not only available in the gameplay, but are also part of a Inferna's lore. Solving them might bring you a bunch of experience and utility items, but it also proves your loyalty, which is more valuable than a sack of gold!

Rates Experience:
From 8 To 25- x75
From 26 To 50- x50
From 51 To 80- x25
From 81 To 90- x10
From 91 To 120 - x5
From 121 To 150 - x3
From 151+ - x2

From 10 To 30- x15
From 31 To 50- x10
From 51 To 60 - x5
From 61 To 70 - x4
From 71 To 80 - x3
From 81 To 100- x2
From 101+ - x1

Magic level rate Druid/Sorcerer
From 0 To 15- x10
From 16 To 30- x8
From 30 To 45- x6
From 46 To 60 - x4
From 61 To 70 - x3
From 71 To 80 - x2
From 81+ - x1

Magic level rate Paladin
From 0 To 5 x10
From 6 To 10 x5
From 11 To 15 x4
From 16 To 25- x3
From 26 To 30 - x2
From 31+ - x1

Magic level rate Knight
From 0 To 4 x6
From 5 To 7 x3
From 8 To 10 x2
From 11+ - x1

Regeneration: 3x
The loot rate will be 3x with higher gold drop rate

Player versus Player:

PvP will be enforced, so that means attacking a player will not give you a white skull. Although, killing a player will grant you experience.

Killing the same player multiple times will result in lower experience gained.

Killing the same player over five times will not grant you any experience untill next server save...


Server Features:
HACKED Cipsoft Resources. Inferna is using the original 7.72 map with its scripting, original Cipsofts based NPCs system, original items system and original monsters from 7.72 times. Also, many of the mechanics are reverse-engineered like conditions, monster combats, weapons and many many other things!
Spells don't have to be learn.
Captain NPCs responds to please bring me to [city] immediately.
Bank Account System Do not forget that the house rent has to be paid via bank account balance money.
All Quests from the 7.92 era are implemented as in the Real Tibia.
Rashid & Djinns in order to trade with djinns you have to complete the quest. However to trade with Rashid you don't need to complete the quest.
Rashid can be found in its casual spawn places regarding the day of the week. The only difference is that on Monday's instead of Svargrond it spawns in Thais depot.

Paladin and Knights are a lot stronger than people are accustomed to due to properly working formulas.
No protection zone on boats/carpets
No Training Monks
No Blessings
Aol = 50K
Party Bonus Experience
Desert Quest Need Team = Yes
Certain creatures in some raids offers special items, eg. old and used backpack that can only be looted from a raid.
Automatic save & Clean system (better known as floor resets)
Automatic database backup at server save.
We won't be banning cave bot perdue to how prevalent boting is. Instead we implemented a script that shows botters online "Ingame"
and rewards players for killing cave botters (experience depends on the players level)
The idea is a gameplay oriented solution. You bot at your own risk, the server won't ban you, but will remind players to track botters down and killing them and therefore gain experince from them.

List of Inferna access:
Server is based on the newest TFS distribution and I'm always updating relevant things to my branch.
Most of the resources are Original (the hacked ones). For ex, Inferna is using the original 7.72 map with its scripting, original Cipsoft based NPCs system, original items system and original monsters from 7.72 times. Basically all the best goods which Dennis gave us. Also, no doubt that many of the good things were taken from @Ezzz Nostalrius distro. Applause's for them please.
Inferna has very nicely map-tracked Liberty Bay map with all of its shattered isles which was a little challenging to import in to the Cipsoft original map.
Everything is properly downgraded to 7.92 protocol and all the 7.92 protocol related features works on its finest.
Most of the 7.92 related NPCs, items, monsters and quests are already implemented.
Details even if they´re lil' ones, map is detailed with shop signs and lil' monster spawns like carrion worms and etc. All of the heart touching items will be never missed. Yes, you will whistle a wolf with your wooden whistle and feel free to open Tibia rum distilling business.

Should you need any more details, please do not hesitate to ask here or on our media profiles:
Please join our Discord: Join the Inferna.Online [7.92] Discord Server! (https://discord.gg/8TvdyBXR)
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I cant create account on website


-No Yalahar?
-Liberty island is called peg leg, not "pig" leg
I cant create account on website


-No Yalahar?
-Liberty island is called peg leg, not "pig" leg
Account creation should work fine, account name should only be numbers i changed the text to numbers now, about the picture pig leg i made a miss there and will change it to peg leg thanks for report we decide to remove yalahar and create our own version of yalahar in future.
This server is good and GM Thuddy is active on discord. The map has houses everywhere, and random small additions to spawns (like a small skeleton room under ancient temple rots).

Desert Quest Need Team = Yes
Promotion 20k its high loot rate
I only had 1k at level 20 man xD I think gold amount is a slightly higher rate, but loot is not.
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