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Dec 11, 2010
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@vegaseek Bot is not allowed, But the process is complicated

I will explain what a normal process looks like, so everyone gets an understanding of how we work as we do not have the opportunity to control 2000 players, so it is quite difficult to control the Ering script, so an explanation of how a rule violation process works.

We get a report Player xxx is using ering script. We open up the cast on the person then we have to watch until the person in question, ends up in a pvp situation or where he uses a Ering script, record this analyzing the video to make sure it is cheating. Then you can have fast hands but Ering script e quite clearly still. Had some such cases

Then a decision is made

As you understand, it is not as simple as you seem to think, you have to take the time to observe and be very sure that this is cheating, before making a decision

Man ... Don't make fun of me. I sent the recording to one of your administrators and he replied that it wasn't proof enough. The guy put on the e-ring when he had X hp, at the same time he used exura vita, after healed to 100%, the bot took off his e-ring. I've been playing it long enough I'm sure it was a bot. The administrator with whom I talked probably like a moron or his adventure with Tibia started on a November evening in 2020.

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