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[France] [8.0 / Custom] Realera - Revalia! 04 August, Friday 20:00(EU), 14:00(USA), 15:00(BR) | New World!

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Server is totally corrupted, GMs banning players for hunting in the guilds spawns. Reported several guys from the big guilds for botting and they never recieved a ban. Corrupt GMs allowing the big guilds money makers to profit because they also recieve the benefit. Joke, reminding me of Kasteria
I would like to clarify the situation and calm emotions regarding recent events. Our main goal is to maintain a fair and friendly atmosphere on our server. We are not interested in banning players without a valid reason, and our policy is based on principles of honesty and fairness.

Your ban was imposed solely due to the detection of illegal software that you attempted to conceal. Our detection tools are very precise, allowing us to identify even the most sophisticated cheating attempts. It's important to emphasize that there is no room for rule-breaking on our server.

If you report rule violations by other players on our Discord server, please be patient. All reports are carefully reviewed and addressed within a maximum of 24 hours. No report is skipped or ignored, and when a report is closed, you receive feedback on its progress.

We also want to highlight that there is no possibility for a report to disappear, as long as it is properly submitted. We encourage you to use the reporting button rather than the classic "ctrl+r" method, which may be less effective.

If you have suggestions or doubts regarding our rules or server policy, we are open to discussion and eager to hear your opinion.

This stages killing every ot (example realera, kasteria). Its too hard after 100+ for single players without 10h/day and too ez for teams with all this bonuses like hh, party bonuses etc. Would like to see server with higher rates or just something like 2x without all this bonuses, so war could be for something.
Thank you for your attention to the server's condition. As you can see, this stage has not yet killed the server despite its long uptime. We strive to keep it in the best possible state, based on our experiences with the previous world - Arcania.

Best regards,
Realera Team.
Hello, I would like to extend my sincere thanks to the entire Realery administration, and in particular to GM Papercut. I haven't seen such dedication to server creation in a long time, and let's not kid ourselves, it's currently the best OTS server in the world. Everything runs smoothly, and lately, the administration has been enhancing our gaming experience by adding many new features. They don't neglect the players either – whenever I reach out to someone from the administration, they help, improve, or add cool new things that we suggest. This is how player-administration cooperation should look like. We have a ton of fun playing here, and I hope the server will continue to thrive, and the administration will keep up the excellent work. Best regards!
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Realera is for sure the best 8.0 server at the moment. Can’t wait for winter edition. Keep the good work up!
Świeży filmik zapraszam do oglądania jak i do oceny :)
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