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[France] [8.6] AcidsOT

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Cleave damage from a giant sword. Attacking with such a large sword, other creatures may be injured as collateral damage. Still... getting a horde of angry behemoths on your ass isn't a good idea, even with a good weapon. :p

Join us, have some fun! :D

Peak Record: 25 players online on January 3, 2022, 5:49 pm CET
Peak Record: 29 players online on January 5, 2022, 6:19 pm CET
Edit: Peak Record: 31 players online on January 5, 2022, 6:59 pm CET
Edit2: Peak Record: 36 players online on January 5, 2022, 9:00 pm CET

Changelog: 5 January 2022
  • Doppelganger will now cast divine missile, and will do a casual heal to top off health if heal is not used for 12 seconds, and will no longer be hit by holy chain bounces from its master.
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Ron Mayer created a tutorial/game guide that I uploaded to the website. It contains some useful info and tips:

We had an insane day yesterday with 36 players online :) Happy to see the server getting some attention. <3
Changelog: 07 January 2022
  • Fixed Orshabaal Annihilator.
  • Royal crossbow and Yol's bow are now one-handed.
  • Added a new floor to grim reapers.
Changelog: 09-11 January 2022
  • Infernal bolts now only costs 2 soul to make. You now make 15 instead of 10 infernal bolts.
  • Added more rings to Dufi.
  • Fixed druid healing chain ability to work on party members.
  • Perac now sells small stones.

Mostly small quality of life changes lately, we are working on some big updates, but they are not quite ready yet. :)
Peak Record:43 players online on January 15, 2022, 10:44 pm CET

Changelog: 15 January 2022
  • Chain lightning, holy chain and chain berserk no longer hits party members.
  • Nerfed Frost dragon drop rates.
  • Fixed the Apes task.
  • The furniture npc Peggy now lives above Yasir.
  • Nerfed intense wound cleansing slightly.
  • Elemental damage on spells is now lower. Spells that crits deal slightly less damage. Sorc and Druid can now crit on spells.
  • Blessings are now more expensive for high levels. Every level between 200-600 will increase cost of blessings by 1k.
  • You can now buy 4x Deeds of +10 shop points in our webshop, which can be traded among players in-game.
  • Paladin doppelganger attack damage is now based on distance skill and attack.
Changelog: 16-17 January 2022
  • Buffed Bog champion damage and healing.
  • Paladin doppelganger can now loot and consume health potions, strong health potions and great health potions.
  • Earth and Flame primal now heals more and deals some physical damage.

Everyone has been given +7 days of premium account.

Changelog: 18-20 January 2022
  • exura chain frigo is no longer able to damage the same creature more than 3 times in a chain cycle.
  • Unjustified white skull timer reduced from 15 to 8 minutes.
  • Added soft level-cap at 605 until we finish more high level content.

The Paladin doppelganger spell is pretty much done for now, its a versatile ally that scales with its master and his skills, auto attack based on his master, spells and healing based on its master, is able to consume potions.
The next spell I think will be for sorcerers.
not my type of a server, but ideas and scipting are superb! very good work!
nice to see the game still having such enthusiasts
Changelog: 22-25 January 2022
  • Klepto the AutoLoot NPC will now guide and help you through configuring your AutoLoot list.
    • May be easier for new players to click on clickable keywords from an NPC instead of remembering the various commands.
  • Added wyrm task.
  • Empower summon will now give the summon the caster's max hp as bonus hp instead of static +800hp. Making the spell slightly weaker at low lvl, but much stronger at high lvl.
    • Lvl 100 = +645 hp~
    • Lvl 131 = 800 hp~ (same as previous static value)
    • Lvl 300 = +1645 hp~
  • Added True Asura spawn on the Energy primal island
im so hyped to come back in a few more weeks and enjoy the ton of content you added :]
Changelog: 26 January 2022
  • Added tasks for Archmages and True Asuras.
  • Added 4 houses (Castle Flat #1-4) south of Zion Corner Street.
  • Added house: Rooftop Corner north of Yasir in Zion.
  • Created new Guildhall: Slitherine Guildhall. Located south east of Zion's East gate.
Forgot to add this yesterday, on 25th of January we also hit a new players online record. :)

Peak Record:48 players online on January 25, 2022, 9:00 pm CET

On 26th of january we hit 51 players, however that is a fake record as someone was playing with magebomb and a single ip inflated the online numbers. I'm working on patching the source to make records also comply with otservlist regulations (max 4 per ip).

In terms of unique IP, our record is currently 26 unique IPs. So on average every actual player has roughly 1 MC character parked in training room.

Since AcidsOT is a custom map with one active town that players are encouraged to engage with, players are buzzing around frequently. It gives a nice and alive community wibe, much better than what you would see from etc a retail tibia map with similar, or even greater online count.

And since AcidsOT is not as familiar to everyone, with mysteries and group activities to do in-game, the AcidsOT Chat channel is active and engaging to participate in. :)
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Changelog: 28 January 2022
  • Talkaction !online will now also show compliant online numbers, and a count of unique IPs connected to the game.
  • Summons are now able to follow you through teleports
  • Finished True Asura spawn.
  • NEW BOSS: Energy Primal added to the game!

Our primal bosses have unique attack behaviors and attack stages. This is our 3rd primal boss. :)

Does exori when he moves.
Spell that rotates
The condensed energy heals the boss if they reach him.
The portal are energy bombs that explode after a few sec (can move away or kill them).
Spellbooks summons monsters and heals the boss.
He does different things once he reaches certain life thresholds for the first time (Like summoning or he will start casting new spells).
Changelog: 02-10 February 2022
  • Slightly nerfed earth and flame primal.
  • Winged Helmet can now roll energy resistance, spell damage and crit
  • We have a new version of OTClient: Fixes path finding crash, action bar bug, and our custom spells can be assigned to the action bar.
  • Reduced the health of Master's spellbook (30000 -> 22000) and Apprentice's spellbook (15000 -> 12000)
  • Rotating energy beam now rotates much slower.
  • Added new reward to Energy primal. When you pick an item your chain spells gains additional bounces. Knight - from 3 to 4 Sorc & druid - From 8 to 11 Paladin - From 6 to 8
  • Reduced the amount of invisible enemies in the Pyramid quest. This will hopefully prevent some crashes on 8.6 client.
  • Added attributes to Velvet Mantle.

Everyone has gotten +7 days of premium.

Added countdown advertisement:

Everyone who logs in, old or new account will be eligible for 20 shop points.
Every account has been given +7 days of premium.

We are getting close to our 1 year anniversary. :)