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Tamtam Türkiye

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Oct 26, 2017
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If he have violated the rules , you are right, I have re-read the rules from which gamemaster have been penalized (IP ban). ı didnt see. I dont understand polish but i think he Said ( hotkey tibia sh*t, gm’s sh*t , dont play here maybe like that dont know still he doesnt break rules , there is to many rules people break and not get IP ban. gamemaster should be constructive , if he is not constructive, he must punish everyone who violates the rules. For example , I reported 3 times cavebotters not do anything.

There are 1000 people who follow punio, half does not know polish and he is punished, the person on the page does not explain why the penalty, people have a question mark on his mind is very normal.
GOD Wille

GOD Wille

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Jan 11, 2010
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Sweden, stockholm
Dear players,

with today server save we have finally implemented optimizations to our engine, so far game seems to be stable and we hope it will stay like this. There are many technical changes, that should make game smoother and reduce lags with 2000 players online. Due to our little mistake, server has been opening casts for every player, in that case for the next 24 hours cast system is going to be disabled.

We have also changed our cam system (previous one was terrible, and been taking almost whole RAM of dedicated server), cams are being recorded but are not available on website yet. We are working on a new version of CamPlayer that is going to be placed server side, so you can watch your gameplay through your account.

There are also changes in rules about using 'bots' - first time if you are going to be catched you'll receive ban (final warning) for a week, second time we catch you - your character is going to be deleted and you'll not be able to appeal from it. All characters that has been deleted receives their second chance (delete is going to be changed for final warning).

In addition, as many of you are asking if blocking spawns is legal - yes it is, as long as you are killable you may block spawn (you can use only 1 character from same IP as your main character to block the way, also you have to show your activity on such character - if GM comes to you and you will not react for 10 minutes then your character is going to be banned)

We have received a message from OTC developer that client should be ready till Saturday, thats mean from Monday you'll be able to test new client and after few days the old one is going to be totaly disabled.

@assassinho @ofrivilligjude

@GOD Wille
Any plans on fixing side step paralyze? Or it is supposed to be like this? Stuck for litterly 7 seconds and see the rest move around you and kill you meanwhile all you can do is watch and die? Im fine with strong paralyzes but not bugged paralyzes.
Well, we are aware that sometimes paralyzes are stucking you - today, we have patched many changes in our engine that should make game even smoother than before, it should fix such things like this what you are saying. Within next days we are going to implement much more optimizations for many functions such as walking etc.