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yeah it is a year since it launched :D
Dear guys,

It's been a while, Animera had to go offline unfortunatly due to lack of time, finances, in-game activity and so on.
Because the community have been very active and supporting, I've tried to put the server back online again.

Unfortunatly i was still struggling, with all the ups and downs to get it back up.
But the community is supporting financially now aswell, so we could put the server back online again in a matter of days!

The game is still for the majority the same as it was before. Except with all the changes/fixes/performance improvements that have been added, since the last launch(as some can remember the state of the game at the last days before going offline). So this launch will be basically better then the previous one(gamestate wise).

Still not perfect, but we're getting there. Currently there is a 50% donation bonus if you donate at this "early" stage. And those who make use of it, will also gain a 50% donation bonus when V8 launches. I didn't want to do any other bonusses of this size, as i was worried about destroying in-game economy, or other factors such as in-game challenge, fairness to free players or those with minimal funds etc.

But as the in-game store isn't finalized either, which can mean that products increase in price, or change of items.
It would be fair to add a 50% bonus. If 50% would be too much it would mean the store wasn't balanced out correctly anyway.
So take your chance now you have it! V8 will be BEAST!

Hopefully in a few months.

Kind regards,

Website is up again, do not register yet, we still got the old database up which will be wiped, including anyone who creates their account now.
Do not bother to download the client yet is still outdated and i need to upload the new one including the auto updater.

We're getting closer and closer!

We will most likely launch on friday, do not miss it!
Exact time will be shared soon.

Thank you all for making this possible again, hopefully we can progress fast to V8!
Before we went offline we were in a much better position then we did at the launch, so those who were enjoying back then
will have even a better time now.

Kind regards,

Will you add a video showing the spells of each character or don't you want to reveal it?
interesting server will try it out

could i see store iname shop?
Will you add a video showing the spells of each character or don't you want to reveal it?
I do want to but it takes quite some time to do all the spells of all the 17 classes, spells on second promotion, spell scrolls, imbuements, monster souls passive, pets etc. Just a matter of time before we expand wiki to it's fullest!
interesting server will try it out

could i see store iname shop?
The ingame shop is inside the client, i can share it once everything is set up.
I made a mistake by saying we will launch at the 25th, but we will launch tommorow, this friday at 24th.
And we decided to launch at the date as set before, 19:00. As everyone was basically expecting that already aside because of my schedule for tommorow i can't start earlier.
Server is currently offline for the reset ,we will be here in less then 15 minutes!
Buckle up!
Dear everyone ,

We've made a lot of progress the previous few weeks! From debugging, fixing crash cases, performance improvements to new juice in the Animera way by rebalancing the game!

We're not there yet, but we've made the needed progress to reset again. Unfortunately we had to reset again, but many saw it already coming. From the 10x rates on everything on the first day that was more then needed, on certain abuses, and the fact that we will make quite some changes around the upgrade systems. And other things that needs to be tested on all the stages of the game.

Remember that this still a beta and that nothing is final yet, we still have some balancing work left,
possible story mode bugs, V8 updates, finetunings of the current systems.

Anyhow in it's current state it would be even a better experience as ever before!

So we're going to reset tomorrow at thursday 21-7-2022 19:00 CEST.

Who i ready for Animera 7.5?
Dear everyone,

Unfortunatly something went wrong and caused all the accounts to be modified.
We we're considering a reset anyway, but this came unexpected.

So i am considering resetting today at 19:00 CEST.
Ofcourse with even more bonusses on top of it.

Atleast everything is working much better now !

Contact me if you want your coins restored later at the day!

This is most likely the last reset before we focus on V8.

Kind regards,

imagine having an owner who gives a fuck about the project :D litteraly bragging how much cash you make on other projects but cant pay a damn host for your ot many people threw a bunch of cash towards you. just sell the goddamn files and let someone do one good thing with them that didnt happen in two years
Owner had a Mental Breakdown..... actually took a fat shit in his pants
yep, but obviously because he has to deal with stool buds like you
yep, but obviously because he has to deal with stool buds like you
LOL. Era 1 this season was pretty good, had 100-150 players. Then he decided to add new systems which NONE of the players were for and were spamming not to add them. Era after that, u login and walk like a lvl 20 on rl tibia on lvl 500, ur quest eq literally just dissappear(he said it wouldn't), u have like 5 clones of u that bug the shit of ur char, get tped to random sides of the map for no reason, ALL consumables/rares that stack went to 1 on thr whole server, and he expects people to shut up and play that game XD
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