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Getting Started


Dec 3, 2014
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I haven’t hosted a server in 15+ years so I’m a little lost. Hopefully you guys can shed some light on my questions.

How or what would need to be done to host a 8.6 server on the newest version of TFS or is that not a thing? I can’t seem to find any tutorials or distros o for a newish TFS for 8.6 client. I am running Windows 10, x64 bit.

Once I have downloaded everything and got my server running, do I have to keep updating it along with the new TFS version releases or am I good for the life of the server? (I’m assuming it’s optional?)

The closest yoou can get is: GitHub - nekiro/TFS-1.5-Downgrades at 8.60 (https://github.com/nekiro/TFS-1.5-Downgrades/tree/8.60)
But the project is discontinued.

Yes, if you setup a server and it runs good for you, you can say you are good for life in some kind of way.
Once it runs you can keep it as long as you want. As long as the computer runs.

The process to set it up is the same as it has been for a long while.
Compile, setup database, run it.
How do I get 8.6 then 😭
I can also help you compile and get your server ready for free just message me, i'm also working on TFS 1.5 , 8.60 downgrade by Nekiro.