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Help with Magic Level modification when equipping items "tfs 1.5 nekiro 8.0"

Mateus Robeerto

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Jun 5, 2016
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I'm facing a problem with modifying my Magic Level when equipping certain items and would like to ask for your help. Currently, when I equip an item, my Magic Level is increasing, but I would like it to remain unchanged when I equip the item. Could someone guide me on which part of the code I should change to achieve this result? Thanks in advance for any help!
If the magic level is increasing.. I'd check items.xml

More then likely those items have a magic level modifier added to the item.

Hat of the Mad for example
<item id="2323" article="a" name="hat of the mad">
        <attribute key="description" value="You have a vague feeling that it looks somewhat silly." />
        <attribute key="weight" value="700" />
        <attribute key="armor" value="3" />
        <attribute key="magiclevelpoints" value="1" />
        <attribute key="slotType" value="head" />
<attribute key="magiclevelpoints" value="1" /> would be the problem line.
If you remove that line from items.xml, this item will no longer increase your magic level when putting it on.
I use "magicpointspercent" because it has magic damage in %,

but I tested it on tfs 1.2 celehore even with this function, it didn't increase the ML "permanent magic level" and magic damage in % normal.. I would like to know how do I do the same tfs 1.2 8.0 celehore? You understand me?
item id="41001" name="floyd pink hat">
    <attribute key="weight" value="7100"/>
    <attribute key="armor" value="12"/>
    <attribute key="slotType" value="head"/>
    <attribute key="magicpointspercent" value="117"/>
    <attribute key="description" value=" [Inc.Magic 17%]"/>

I know it must change the font, I believe it is combat.cpp or item.cpp....
If you are wanting to increase the players magic damage..

Then use boostpercentmagic instead of magicpointspercent
If you are wanting to increase the players magic damage..

Then use boostpercentmagic instead of magicpointspercent
I already used this boostpercentmagic function, it didn't work ;/

<movevent event="Equip" itemid="41195" slot="armor" function="onEquipItem" />
<movevent event="DeEquip" itemid="41195" slot="armor" function="onDeEquipItem" />

<item id="41195" name="teste robe">
    <attribute key="weight" value="7100"/>
    <attribute key="armor" value="18"/>
    <attribute key="slotType" value="body"/>
    <attribute key="boostpercentmagic" value="90"/>