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Hire me if you want to learn how to leverage DevOps methodologies in Tibia hosting


Aug 25, 2014
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🧙‍♂️ What You'll Learn

  1. 🐧Linux Fundamentals
  2. 🐳Docker Mastery: Containerize the Tibia Server to enhance scalability, portability, and efficiency. Your Docker spells will make server deployment a breeze
  3. 🚀Accelerate Your Tibia Server Deployment with CI/CD Mastery! 🧙‍♂️💻
  4. 🔑SSH Sorcery: Command the forces of secure shell protocols to manage, administer, and secure your Tibia Server infrastructure.
  5. 🛠️GitLab/GitHub Wizardry: Harness the power of version control to collaborate seamlessly and manage the Tibia Server's source code. Your Git skills will weave a tapestry of stability and innovation.

Ready to embark on this epic learning journey? Simply DM me to discuss and come to agreement regarding pricing etc.
im cheap i do this for fun, not to make a bank

Time to learn depends on your current experience

why not k8s or k3s, Maybe in the future
if you don't know all of above to start with it seems a bit of stretch to learn these together since it will be a lot of information to start with.

What you need
a hosting environment old computer, laptop, virtual machine hosted on-prem or in the cloud doesn't matter :)


I do not whatsoever need to touch your source code or your hardware/software.
since I will teach you how to deploy or create a template, by the time were done you will have the knowledge to deploy your own source.
I also offer to answer any questions you might have have after we are done :)
Since i do this on my free time my availability is 18-22 workdays and daytimes on weekends. GMT+1

Feel free to ask any questions in the thread!
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