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Programmer Hire me Programmer Job C++/Lua+PHP+JAVA


Apr 5, 2021
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I am passionate about online games and mainly tibia. I really like old school servers, I worked a lot with OTS servers, now I'm coming back again, now i have free time from my main job ( Programmer) because of the Covid19 pandemic.
so I decided to do some work as a free lancer

I have experience
LUA scripts
Code optimization systems
Crash problems? i can solve
I can do downgrades and upgrades servers.
Monsters AI
Systems: Cast Systems /Proxy Systems/Multworld System, etc...
and much more

i can work with all versions of TFS and forks

I'm new here, I don't have any job recommendations, we agree with the work and price, I start the work and show everything working perfectly for you before you pay me and I also give free support for all my systems.

Payment method: currency EUR, USD
I accept is Paypal only.

feel free to send me a message in private and we can discuss.