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How to suggest/complain properly!

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Jan 6, 2010
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Sweden, Europe
Greetings, OTLand!

I've been reading a few threads here in the Feedback section, and found a lot of them
pretty difficult to understand. So I'm actually going to clear up a few lines for you all. Just to prevent missunderstandings and such...
These lines might be pretty obvious for some, but for some other they isn't.

Things you should think about while creating a thread to suggest or complaint.
  • Explain your suggest/complaint in a proper and clear way
    to prevent various amount of questions
  • Only English applies in the Feedback boards.
  • Please use proper and clear language without any offensive statesments, such as
    swearing, insulting or flaming. Violating any of these, your thread will investegated.
    In extreme situations infractions will be delivered to the statesmented member.
  • If you're complaining about any kind of graphical bug or something that's printable.
    PLEASE, use the Print Screen button on your keyboard to prevent missunderstandings!
  • All general OTLand rules still applies in this thread. These lines are just a small hint how to make your suggestion/complaint more effective.

As mentioned, this is only hints. And in case you miss anything that's been mentioned
in this thread, you will not be punnished. But in case you used any offensive statesment, moderators or global moderators take action with infractions or even banishments.

I'm very honored you took your time reading this to make our
community to a complete polite and understanding style!

Your kindest regards,
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Aug 4, 2009
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I agree, it would make it so much easier to help people :p You don't know how many threads I've seen and wanted to help but they can't even explain themselves properly :/
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