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Is there a Tibia Bot for OT 7.6 ?


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Sep 2, 2023
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Is there a Tibia Bot for OT 7.6 ?

I just want to relax after work while watching my character fish and make spell runes. :)
There were so many bots for Tibia 7.6, but they were not that established. And most were not advanced.
I know VitorBot existed in 7.6, and I think TibiaMVC (by Dark Pallys) also existed at that time.
And of course, TibiaBot NG also existed at that time.

Specifically, TibiaBot NG 3.9.0 is the last version for Tibia 7.6.
He released v4.0.0 for Tibia 7.61 and then 4.0.1 for Tibia 7.7.

Here is TibiaBot NG 3.9.0 (archived):

I can't remember how I used to crack it, but I think it was just some Regedit stuff, to reset the trial.

Archived forum news here: http://forums.tibiabot.com/archive/index.php/f-4.html
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