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Kobe Bryant's 81 points - 6 years later


A splendid one to behold
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May 6, 2009
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United States
Today marked the 6th anniversary of Kobe Bryant's legendary game.
Scoring 40 points is considered unbelievable, but 81? That's godly, especially in today's game.

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The video shows a compilation of all of his 81 points in a 3 minute video.
He didn't score 81 points in 3 minutes...
Basketball is my fav. I always root for underdogs and hate the best players, but I cannot hate on Kobe. He's simply the best in the game. Lets not get a 'who's better' debate going on, cause he got the skills, history and rings to show for it.
Hey everyone, this is not the "WHAT SPORT IS BESTEK??!!1!SHIFT?" thread, please stay on topic.
He just a all-around amazing person love to see him accomplish more feats, I love the sixers but kobe I've always admired! :)
I apologize, my counting was awful, this took place 6 years ago, not 4.
Lol. Lebron and KD are clearly better than Kobe. So people on this thread should stop rooting for Kobe.