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Scripter Kooda Scripting Services


May 7, 2021
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Hello my name is Kooda,
I've been scripting in Lua for quite some time and have been getting into C++ for the past few years.

I always kept a low profile because I was more into just testing, opening some ots and making custom scripts for fun.
Now I'm offering my services to the Otland Community.

My knowledge:
Lua - High
C++ - Intermediate/High
PHP - Intermediate
OTC - I've made custom stuff for myself, so you can always ask me if I can do x and I will be completely honest.

I can make the requests in revscripts (which I prefer because it is easier to install) or the traditional way, you decide.

Since I know starting a fresh user could be a warning sign:
  • I will be making a Free Scripting Service for a while, for quick fixes or really small scripts so I can gain reputation.
  • Until I get some recommendations from clients, I will be requesting only a % of the payment, so both sides can trust each other, I will be making the requests first without the payment, showing the progress.

I always try to maintain quality and performance, having everything easily configurable so the buyer gets satisfied with the service provided.

The pricing depends on the amount of time I need to put into it and the quality, so I'm always open to negotiations.
My scripts have 3 months of warranty, I can make small tweaks to them (only if it stays under the original request).
I sometimes work on weekends, so you can expect me to deliver them during those days, however it isn't a guarantee.

I accept payments via PayPal, in case I take the money and leave you can always open a dispute, you will have all the proof that I'm a fraud.

If I know the request is too big for me, I will not accept it, I want to avoid wasting your time and mine.
You can contact me via PM or in my discord, which is: Kooda#3901
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Jun 20, 2020
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I recommend it, today I made a deal with him and it was very fast! Thanks!


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Jul 19, 2014
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I recommend Kooda! I wrote to him, he replied instantly and helped me for free. There aren't many people who help unselfishly! Thanks mate