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Team Land of Death [LoD]


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Apr 9, 2008
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Hello, and welcome, TO DEMONIX OT...
We will be featuring a complete and total 100% custom map.
It will be hosted 27/7.. Exp Will be Decided when we get our team togather. (team most be ready and able to do something when we ask) so.. as follow's below
staged exp 3-15
skills x14
magic x8
loot x2
Now. vocations. with weapons for only there voc's. and special atks.. Summoner-voodoo staff- 15% chance of 50/50hp/manadrain
Assassin-Tsunami Blade-15% chance of 70 hp drain.
crusader- Hellbringer's Axe-12 % chance 80 hp drain.
Sniper-Revolver bolt's-12% chance 40 mana/hp drain.
NOW I AGREE.. This will be a hard thing to acccomplish but rather it be 1 day or 1 month or a year.. We will acccomplish it.. ill put laoads of my time into this. but i certainly can't do it alone and i admit it.. So if you really would like to help me. and you have time to help me in.. Then we can use you..
Server will also be adding.. full working enchanted weapon system.. mana/health potions from normal to great..
A few custom spell's. For all vocations.
Server will have a Ghazbaran, Morgaroth Spawn.. (rare) and only when server get's a little bigger.
also all 8.1 monsters from updated trolls To baby frost dragon's and all other's you can think of.
So if you think you're in for a great ot staff/upcoming server.
then leave your application below/ or add my msn --> thank you for your time.. i will update this post every once in a while..
We have a custom client
Real Name:
What you want to be (mapper/scripter/action's):
Why you think we need you:
why you hope we chose you and not someone else:
P.S please .. do not subscribe and say, i want to be a Gm/ Tutor or something.. if you really want to be one of those you'll start out as a tutor if you pass our custom exam. thank's. sincerly -Raistlin


Jun 2, 2007
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Real Name: Diego
Age: 17
What you want to be (mapper/scripter/action's): scripter (same as actions :p)
Why you think we need you: because i think i can handle the job
why you hope we chose you and not someone else: there is no reason, i just hope, hope is hope, you cant justify it :p
MSN: [email protected]
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