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Landoria OTS - Development Thread


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Aug 27, 2011
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FB: Landoria OTS (https://www.facebook.com/LandoriaOTS)
Test-Server: Landoria OTS (http://landoria-test.online/)

General Info:
The server is based on the old Kovloria server(from the beginning of existence), the main goal is to recreate all server mechanics and improving them if required.
Engine: latest TFS extended by additional systems (some systems have been added to the TFS repository)

Own weapon damage formula, two-handed weapons received an additional boost to compensate for the lack of a shield. Wands have attack points, based on it that deal damage.
All weapons can have different skills (drain mana instead of dealing damage to life, ability to disable resistance, increase attack speed, deal area damage, etc...)

A large part of the monsters are adapted or completely reworked to better suit the server's atmosphere.
Most of them are challenging.

All spells are modified and do not correspond to the power and scaling equivalents known from real Tibia.
You can find new spells on the server.

A huge map with unknown and known locations (95mb).

On any server you won't find quests like here (Zethar Mortal Shell, Piece of Gandalf Soul, Farmer's Problems, etc...)

Well-known items return in a different version
You see a demon helmet (Arm:10, increase damage +5%).
It weighs 29.50 oz.
You hear an evil whispering from inside.
Item set bonus:
Demon Set [0/4]: nothing
You see a rainbow shield (Def:30, energy magic level +5, fire magic level +5, ice magic level +5, earth magic level +5, protection energy +5%, fire +5%, ice +5%, earth +5%).
22:47 You see a mastermind shield (Def:37, protection death +3%, physical +3%).
It weighs 57.00 oz.
It's an enchanted shield.

A unique backpack buying and selling system.

Stack size:
Stack size increased to 250 items.


--== On Turn Spell Cast ==--
The system that allows you to cast wave spells when you turn, currently only supports wave spells.

--== Healing Orb ==--
A system known from Diablo 3, after killing a monster an orb appears for limited time. After taking the orb, we recover a certain percentage of max HP and Mana.

--== Unique Items ==--
Unique items can be obtained from the loot of defeated monsters, there is a 1 in 400 chance of this happening.
Unique items may have different quality, which affects the number of attributes: Common (1), Uncommon (2), Rare (3), Epic (4), Legendary (5), Mythic (6).
The unique level depends on our luck (the chance of obtaining a Mythic level item is 1 in 15,625).
There are currently 81 attributes that can be rolled.
Not all attributes can be used by selected professions (Ek cannot get magic level points).
Some items cannot randomly select specific attributes (e.g. Knight Axe will never receive sword fighting).
There is a chance to get an Upgrade Potion, the chance is 1 in 8,000 defeated monsters, this requirement can be reduced fighting against stronger monsters.
The defeated monster must add at least 1500 raw exp to obtain the potion.
When we get a potion, it goes directly to the backpack.
Upgrade Potion used on a unique item causes its level and attributes to be rerolled.
Using a potion on an Uncommon item may cause its quality to drop to Common.

--== Set Items ==--
Game items may be included in sets. A set consists of a certain number of items. For each additional item in the set, we get specific bonuses.
Crown Set [1/4]: nothing.
Crown Set [2/4]: Physical defence +1%.
Crown Set [3/4]: Physical defence +2%, Mele skills +5%.
Crown Set [4/4]: Physical defence +2%, Mele skills +10%, Increased healing +10%.
Amazon Set [1/3]: nothing.
Amazon Set [2/3]: Cooldown reduction +7%, All defence +5%.
Amazon Set [3/3]: Cooldown reduction +15%, All defence +15%, All offence +10%.
The sets can be mixed freely. An item can belong to multiple sets at the same time.

--== Elite Monsters ==--
Elite monsters are stronger versions of normal monsters.
Elites appear every certain period of time.
An elite monster can be found with the Find Elite Monster(exiva moe res) spell
Heavily Damaged Harvest Golem is very far to the west. It will disappear in 0h 59m 26s
The chance of loot is the same as for a normal monster, but the equipment that the monster leaves as loot will always be unique.
Additional loot that can be obtained from elites are items from SMS and silver token.
Tokens can be exchanged for outfit, addon and upgrade potion.

--== Boosted Creatures ==--
Boosted creature is a system that draws a monster every 2 hours that will be “improved”.
The remaining time can be determined based on the lives that avatars of these monsters represent in the Castle Ironfist temple.
The improvement is that the monster will give more exp, leave more loot, will deal less damage and the player will deal more damage to the monster.
After drawing a new monster, players will receive information about which monsters are currently “improved”
Boosted creatures:
  Acolyte of the Cult -> loot: 1.45x, exp: 1.25x, receive: 1.12x, deal: 0.88x
  Crypt Shambler -> loot: 1x, exp: 1.3x, receive: 1.03x, deal: 0.7x
  Tense -> loot: 1.2x, exp: 1.2x, receive: 1.06x, deal: 0.97x

--== Special Weapons ==--
Special Weapons is a system that, like Unique Items, allows you to obtain unique weapons.
Special weapons gain an ability that deals area damage when attacking
You see a wand of vortex (Atk:8).
It can only be welded properly by sorcerers of level 7 or higher.
It weighs 19.00 oz.
Surges of energy rush through the tip of this wand.
This weapon is burned and has 24% to trigger damage effect
damage: 42 - 168
Area, chance, base damage and damage type are random, player statistics may affect these values
The same item but other player hold it.
14:45 You see a wand of vortex (Atk:8).
It can only be welded properly by sorcerers of level 7 or higher.
It weighs 19.00 oz.
Surges of energy rush through the tip of this wand.
This weapon is burned and has 27% to trigger damage effect
damage: 59 - 243
Weapons that naturally have their own effect may gain an additional skill.

--== Masacre System ==--
The system rewards the player for quickly killing monsters, the amount of additional exp is closely related to the number of monsters killed and the exp they give.
    Killed monsters: 20.

--== Double Rune ==--
Double Rune is a rune that temporarily reduces the cooldown of all spells by half When double is active, a remaining time counter appears next to the mana bar.

--== City Guards ==--
Guards are monsters that attack other monsters and players with skulls.

--== Fist Fighting ==--
Fist fighting now increases base attack speed.

If you want to see things related to development and systems in action, please visit https://www.youtube.com/@Sharinondexin
PS: not all videos are related to this project (ex: diablo 2 in tibia)
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Protocol 13.10 has been introduced and with it audio in some actions:
Guard attack
Healing Orb Meeting
Drop Unikata
System massacre
Successful item upgrade (tier)
Fixed spells not working with unique item attributes.
Fixed set items, now not granting double resistance bonus.
Information about current resistances has been added to the player's profile.
Jester Staff Quest has been reopened.
HellFire mana cost 2000 -> 1800.
The client can be downloaded on the website, a mini-map of the entire map has been added.
Weakened RP shots - basic range and chance to trigger an additional effect
Added monsters to the DH1 maze.
A system has been added to track the time a player has spent on the game, the quests completed and the monsters he has defeated.
Improved the strength of several mid and endgame monsters.
Addon item drops have been improved.
Fixed Percht's body.
New elite monsters added.
Work is underway on a new Boss fight, one of the mechanics is presented in the video.