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TFS 1.X+ Leech bug again, using mana potion returns health and additional mana

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Oct 30, 2010
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Tried to search for solution on github as well as on OTLand but couldn't find any fix for that, but I am sure many people already noticed that. Have this bug been already solved?

Drinking a mana potion in TFS 1.4.2 while having mana and/or life leech condition(s), beside adding specified amount of mana from potion, restores additional mana, and heals player. The percent value of additional mana and health are exactly the same as the mana and life leech bonus values (Example from gif image: 43/138=31 | 15/138=11).

Is there any solution?

Thanks in advance

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From what I see TFS default potions add mana with use of doTargetCombat:
doTargetCombat(player, target, COMBAT_MANADRAIN, potion.mana[1], potion.mana[2])
Which results in all these leech logic to be aplied as for regular attacks.
This PR seems to fixed this for healing (COMBAT_HEALING):

But seems like for COMBAT_MANADRAIN it still works as previously.
Try changing this condition (re-test other use cases also - I'm totaly unware of these new Tibia features).

Not sure but from what I see simple condition target != caster should do the trick but I'm not aware of any use cases here so might be I'm totally wrong :) Or simply exclude COMBAT_MANADRAIN too (need some rechecks as It's first time I see there's something called leech in Tibia).
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I came across the same pull request, but those fixes were implemented for TFS 1.3 as far as I remember, so TFS 1.4.2 already have them.

Anyway, using target != caster helped :) I appreciate your help! It has to be fixed in official TFS too.

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