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Lets Talk About Boxers

Big Gunz

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Nov 17, 2011
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United States
So guys lets talk about boxers.. who you think were the best boxers I will start..

I think mike tyson is one of the best boxers here is a video :

Joe Louis is the greatest boxer of all time..
"Won 66 Lost 3, 52 KO (66-3)"

Mike Tyson was good, but mostly just popular..
"50 wins, 6 losses, 44 KO, 2NC (50-6)"
Im thinking of Rubin "Hurricane" Carter, this dude has a great story behind him :) Also a movie was released of his life when he got sentenced to jail by false accusations
This guy V
Mike tyson is the best of all times, but this mayweather guy got my respect after the 50.000.000 usd match