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Webdesigner Looking for someone to help dev a website/AAC


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May 20, 2009
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Hey there,

Me and two others started about a week ago with preparing to setup a Tibia OT server and with the help/advice from some very kind members on this forum we managed to sort out the backend, database and client. However, we hit a bit of a wall with the frontend, meaning: the website/AAC. Our tech lead doesn't have the time to work or build up a new AAC as most of the open soruces needs quite a bit of work to be functional to the standard we want them to be. Hence this post and it will most likely be one of many, as we hope to be able to give people the best experience possible when playing on our servers and thus the staff needs to grow.

Anywas, simply put - we're looking for someone to help work on an already exsisting AAC, (Znote or ElectroAAC), to help bring our vision to life.
  • It is a paid gig: Paypal and Swish only and paid upon completion.
  • English or swedish for easy communication
We can talk about the project and pricing more in detail in the DMs or on Discord.

Thanks for reading,
bjunkie and the Titaruz team.