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looking team mates for a server 7.4 global with custom content


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Oct 13, 2009
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I have been recently updating my ots, have two one that is rpg global map pvp enfo (skull gain but exp kill per player) and another one that is fully war.
Im using real npcs, sign, books, actions, movements, quests, functions ,monsters files spells. Monsters have been converted from cip mon files, with target strategies sytem added in it (nearest,weakest,most damagerandom.), im not going to say that it's 100% accurate because almost never it's.
Have taken and adapted code from othire like distance, shield, melee, armor formulas, among others, this server has the same events as the war server. The war server has skull gain, soul, reward on kill player, loss skull and soul on death, change map event, capture the flag event, zombie event
both servers has many custom content that has not been added to the game yet as new outfits, outfits with addons, monts, new spells and shootypes graphics, new armors,shield, items, monster looktypes and so on.... ( not stolen from tibia). they are include in server files and sources, but i have not managed them yet talking on which monster will loot which items or how to get new sppells or shootypes or outfit.

Already have the website and clients using tibianic saiyansking and otcv8 adapted to work in 7.72 (not downloaded and run client)
both server uses 7.4 graphics with custom content

Thing is that want to open atleast the war server and i need few people that could help me test things or check if something is not ok, i know otserver are not destined to a large amount of playerbase, but anyway handle everything such as, add content, fix content, take care of the web, hosting, adevertise, take care of the player base among other requeriment to host a server is simply too much for a single person, so would like to make a small team to lighten the work
would need testers, web admin, game admins, adverstiers or people that has friends in order to get some ammount of people into the server, both server are based in tfs 1.5 downgraded by nekiro, if you are interested pm here or comment below on what you want or you can help with. this is all for fun so im not plaining to open a shop in web or similar.