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Nekiro's Rcc Editor


Joseluis Gonzalez
Support Team
Aug 31, 2007
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Arica - Chile
No software would ever exist if people would listen to you and this bullshit. He used any, oh no, oh fuck the compiler will cry and leave you for Haskell. What a tragedy. Better never touch anything Nekiro never did, it may explode (?).

Using any allows you to gradually introduce typing into a JS codebase. This is literally a selling point for TypeScript. It does not defeat its purpose. Have you all ever developed software or are you parroting stuff some guy on Discord told you once?

No wonder people don't release shit in this community, you do and all you get is some advanced beginners derailing the thread with their infinitey enlightening wisdom. Wtf?

Congrats on the release...
are you ok? any cvd's recently?