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    In continuation of this thread: [Netherlands] AnimeraOT[10.98] NOW ONLINE! | HIGH RATE | FUN&RPG | UNIQUE CONTENT | FREE VIP








    Since our last launch we discovered many bugs (from small to big) which has been fixed by now. With that we've added a lot of new features, content. Also we've added staged rates.


    But to be sure everything is Okay, we want to hold a small beta meanwhile we are working on the marketing, possible bug fixes/balances and the website guide of course.

    BE AWARE! after the beta everyone will get reset instantly. For those who still donate. Your coins gets doubled after the reset.

    We are looking for some tutor positions. We might open a thread in tutor section soon if we cannot find anyone between the testers.

    Website / Host: AnimeraRPG.com
    Client: 10.98 or custom client

    See ya in-game!

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    Small patchnotes.
    Paladins have a new spell "exori con hur" - Reload ammunition. Moves ammonition from backpack to slot, in case the slot is empty.
    * 2 handed weapons(also for crossbow/bows) have double upgrade slots.

    Small patchnotes.
    * Improved random nature and quest logs.
    * Free AOL's on certain level advancements.
    * You do not need to relog anymore to activate the effect of the equipment with upgrade crystals.






    • Upgrade crystal drop is increased.
    • Upgrade crystal has now a breakchance.
    • Exp room slightly nerfed.
    • Paladins are able to shoot ammunition while using pots.
    • 7.6 Outfits / Graphics added.
    • Custom graphics added.
    • Fist fighting is replaced for Attack speed. Skillable with and without weapons.
    • Fishing skill has been replaced for magic resistance.
    • Fishing depends on user's level now.
    • Weapons for attack speed is added.
    • Sharpshooter spell increases attack speed instead of distance fighting.
    • Kororo slightly nerfed.
    • Reduced skill rate slightly.
    • Implemented ghost town, you can visit ghost town by going through the time machine in enigma city.
    • Task bosses teleports will now inform you when you do not meet the requirements.

    • Boss hunter's payout for each kill has been increased.
    • New quest (gold band) available at ghost town.
    • Improved loot(still in process).
    • Level recommendation added to each minecart spawn.
    • New skilling room for magic resistance.
    Join Animera, we have pizza! :D

    • Tutorial mission completly changed.
    • You can now check your attack speed by !attackspeed.

    • Lifeleech / Manaleech / Critical has been implemented to weapons.
    • Offline trainers added.

    • Loot greatly improved.
    • You are now able to buy from npc with money on your bank account instead of physical money only.
    • The following creatures received the AI Swarm ability: Wolf, Young Wolf, War wolf, Wasps, Hyaena, Shadow hyaena
    • The EXP room doors will teleport you to a random place inside the room, with a 3 seconds exhaust.

    • Natural force is changed to Magic barrier (Increases magic resistance).
    • Blind anger increases attack speed now.
    • Temple scrolls have now a countdown.
    • Bless cost decreased for players between level 75 and 125.
    • New weapons/equipment for paladins and knight.
    • Magic resistance skill does not increase if the damage is too low. Also the amount of skill you receive increase if the damage increases.
    • Room reset timer added to the quest rooms
    • You will also see the amount left of your bank balance after spending it on a NPC.
    • Destination localizer added. It will help you guide through the story mode locations.

    • Shfara dealer introduced to enigma city. He sells quest items, in case you lost them.

    • You can now trade, buy bless, buy mount, travel, start a quest or similar to the corresponding npc by targeting or looking at them.
    • Players below level 100 will receive 50% more walkspeed, from level 100 it will become the regular walkspeed again.
    • Loot slightly improved.

    • You can now toggle a target by using /attack (PVE/PVP and NPC's).
    • Task exp reward increased.
    • More loot improvements.
    • Some creatures have avoid chance either.
    • Lucky glover amulet increases upgrade crystal drop chance.

    • Sniper arrow / Meteor burst staff damage fixed
    • Few small bugs fixed.
    • Mass healing works like intended again.(Won't heal monsters nor give skull anymore).
    • Shfara dealer now also sells book about the shadow desert.
    • Shfara dealer do not spawn always. and is able to spawn at different locations.
    • Tower defence expanded.
    • The open sea continent also contains manta rays now.
    • New spell for druids: Healing wind.
    • Added few more daily respawns.
    • Target toggle function improved.
    • You are now able to buy books from shfara dealer containing information of loot from bosses(Tier:Common, Rare and Legendary).

    • Auto empty vial drop can be toggled by !drop
    • Crossbows now have critical damage / Bow now have manaleech. Some bows also have attack speed bonus.
    • Wands also contain critical damage / The passive staves contains manaleech.
    • Some quests has added the option to choose between axe/sword/club.
    • More quests for paladin items.
    • Vocations have a reworked HP/MANA/CAP settings. This is still in progress/testing to tweak it to perfection(like to hear from our testers!).
    • The football arena now also has a goal stat counter / with a resetable lever and some other functions.
    • Dirt fang EXP reduced by 15%.
    • Casting spells will now show the spell name instead of the spell words.
    • A new skilling weapon for magic level.

    • You cannot be pushed off from trainers anymore(not that it happened).
    • Boss hunter's book also shows you which bosses you have killed and which not.
    • Events timer is improved.

    • Added autohotkey and script on the download page(Replacing WASD to arrow keys and more).
    • Some bugfixes.

    • Offline messages system added. use /offmsg PLAYERNAME, MESSAGE.

    • Staffs/Wands nerfed
    • Burst arrow AOE slightly improved.
    • Shadow Attack is replaced for Magic Arrow.
    • Strafe cannot go through objects anymore.
    The coming few days i may not be online because i have other stuff to do non tibia related, which will fully occupy my days.

    • Minor bugfixes
    • Now almost every weapon is able to cut through spider webs.
    • Stamina recovery improved.
    • New content coming soon / Still lesser active as usual.

    • Final blow spell changed to sixth sense.
    • Drunk condition changed to confused.
    • Creatures added with confusion condition moves.
    • Barrier spell becomes only available through second promotion.
    • Few small bug fixes.
    • Spawnrate slightly decreased.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]


    Football Updates:
    * Spells that manipulates speed is not possible anymore. Every player who steps in the field has the same speed.
    * If you still manipulate speed(by eq or w/e), any technique you use on the ball will be canceled, and will get you kicked out of the arena.
    * More scoreboard's and effects added.

    We are working on the website content, so you may see some difference the coming days.


    We are nearly to our end of the BETA.

    The website is still under development. But we're progressing.
    We've added some changes to our server, we are now able to tweak(multiply/divide) the strength(as in HP/Damage/Speed/Exp) of every creature by decimals. So for future balancing or tweaking to rates, would become a lot easier.

    Meanwhile we try to continue on the last pieces of work. I hope to share soon more information.
    If there's anyone willing to test, share their thoughts(feedback/improvements/bugs you name it). Feel free!

    We're still looking for dedicated tutors. We might open soon a thread for it.

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    - Outfit bonusses added. If you wear a full outfit(all addons), you will gain some bonusses. That could be regeneration, skills and/or walkspeed(e.g. full barbarian outfit will give you +10 melee skills, but will reduce your shielding by 5. Assassin outfit gives +10 Attack speed, but reduces shield by 3, and distance fighting by 2, fully citizen outfit will give you 10hp and 10mana each 2sec) More information coming soon.

    - New equipment implemented.

    - Weapons with atk 30 or lower(or weaker equipment), has a chance to drop items more rare variety of it(rare, epic or legendary). With additional boost stats.

    - Ranged weapons (Hatchet, Silver dagger, Iron Hammer). Knights are able to use range weapons.
    It has the same range as 'exori hur', Is affected by attack speed, critical chance added either. But the weapons have a limited attack (12-15).

    - Small bug fixes.

    More updates coming soon!


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