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New server starting soon..Need suggestions....Not an advertisement

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Dec 20, 2021
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Good evening/morning, location dependent, OT community,

We are currently in development of a 10.98 OT. We are asking the community to get ideas of things you would like to see as well as things you wouldn't like to see in a OT. We have hired a professional scripter as well as a dedicated mapper for this project. Again, this is not an advertisement, so please don't delete this post, we are just wanting some feedback from the community. Our aim is to build an OT server that can satisfy players that our steady and will keep the server alive. If you would be so kind, please leave any suggestion you would like to see in a itemized list below. We are building it from scratch, so theoretically, we can add anything.

Thank you in advance!

We also have a dedicated subreddit, a dedicated facebook, and a dedicated discord if you would like to stop in and say hello, as well as add any suggestions or comments.

r/ibedalar (https://www.reddit.com/r/ibedalar)
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I think before ppl can leave what they would like to see is that u tell ppl what kind of server it is, rl tibia etc etc? 👏🏻

I think before ppl can leave what they would like to see is that u tell ppl what kind of server it is, rl tibia etc etc? 👏🏻
Sure thing Mr. Noxi

This server will be geared with staged exp, with after level 300-400(not decided yet), it will be 1x exp. This will semi-cap the level and make wars something inbetween 400-500 levels. It will be an entirely custom map, with lots of spawns, and we are thinking of doing instances for wars, although still undecided on that front as well. It will be a pvp focused server, with some emphasis on quest to obtain the proper gear to pvp. We will also be adding quest that will range from easy-very hard, with the very hard ones requiring quite a bit of team play to solve them. There will also be a world boss, that will spawn every so often and will require the server to come together and play on the same team, even during wartime.
Nice! I love team work when its pvp involved always some ass that can’t hold it 😂 it seems you have most of it thought out. What kind of ideas are u looking for to get from the community ?
Thank you! So mainly I am looking for ideas on anything you have seen from either another OT server or regular tibia that you thought where unique and want implemented. It could also be an idea you have that has never been implemented, and we have the firepower to bring it to life. It can range from quests, pvp, gambling, to anything in between. I guess a good example personally for me was when I began to play NoxiousOT many many years ago, that gambling system that they had implemented was innovative at the time. I’m not sure how innovative it is now with many years passing, but I would like things thrown our way that the community desired. It can be the same for stuff the community wouldn’t want.

After the server does get designed for a 1.0 launch, I plan to run polls every update that would require like 70% of the community agreeing/disagreeing with changes (store that from old school runescape lol).

I guess honestly outside of the normal OT, would people want private hunting areas, spawns only suitable for team play or solo spawns, intricate quest designs that require an entire guild or a small team, pvp designations, etc.

I guess to sum it all up, to better cater to the community, where should we expend the most resources and what ideas would you guys prefer we elaborate more on.
I hear u. I think its the correct path to go as well. But i think it will be hard to get ppl thoughts here haha, i'd instead try push a thought and a poll with it and see what people will choose. A thought tho is most ppl here are not players but rather dev's so ideas from "players" can be hard to get since well ye the obvious many of them don't actually play tibia xD But would for sure fun to play a server that is based around PVP and not being waay too long to get there as most servers are ^^ but then u would have to push stuff for players to actually enjoy that is possible at same time as wars going on :)
Thank you for your thoughts. A well deserved kudos to you friend. We will adjust, put some of our ideas down and run some polls. You have been a big help!
Thats way too broad to answer... can you say what you have and what you thought of making so we can discuss?
One thing that I liked a lot but is so simple is when I tried making a server with a friend and how he scripted his npcs for quests... you could start one of the quests from the last npc . If you started from the "right order" when he asked "was X who sent you here?" you would answer "yes" and get a reward. But if you said "no" you would get another piece of dialogue and a different reward as well as open another quest path.

Its just a small lore thing but I felt it was so natural on how he constructed the story.
simple, new vocations, new spells, random options in gears( really usefull, like 5% or more atk/def/atk speed and such thing, not 1% ...), maybe summoner class( to i play?! <3), and only get ideas like diablo, path of exile games and will be success , and please a bot only for auto atk, auto spell, and auto pot only.