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OTClient One free sprite


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Sep 29, 2009
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I've been testing Wings, Auras, and Shaders on OTClient since yesterday, I believe I added the system properly but I don't have any sprites to test things out, Like I want to see if Wings and Auras are in the correct place, etc...
So if someone can share 1 Wings, Aura, and Shader sprites with me would be great, Just for testing's sake.
Or redirect me to a free released pack that has such sprites.
I am testing ATM with mounts and monsters IDs which look so bad like in this gif and I can't know if they're even in the correct position.
I also got that wing sprite from a Discord server but I failed to crop it using OB slicer or I may be doing it wrong, I've never worked with sprites before.
I didn't know that shaders aren't added as sprites, I thought they were added as some color sprites, I found 1 shader sample which I will use as an example, for testing.
so now I only need someone to donate a Wing, Aura sprite for me.
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Those wings belong to Shadow Realm, man, why in gods name would you share something you don't own? Jesus Christ...
tibia world :D there are on many servers alredy with that wing anyway so who cares now about it 🤡
edit: just report my message and they will decide
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