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Complaint OtLand is blocking way too many IP addresses


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Jul 3, 2007
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Been using Mullvad VPN for years and years at this point, mainly for privacy. But this morning it took quite some effort to enter OtLand. Every IP address in 3 completely random countries were blocked. What has happened during the last few days? Is it that bad with spam accounts that you need to simply ban entire IP ranges? There must be another way of handling those spam accounts. Unless there are on-going attacks, there is no reason to block that many IP addresses. Blocking IP addresses permanently in 2023 is not a good approach. Most people have dynamic IP addresses. And a lot of VPN providers recycle their IP addresses after some time.

How bad is it really with spam accounts on the site? And what VPNs are they using (if any)?

Or does OtLand rely on some blacklists? I checked those IP addresses I tried to enter the site with. I could not find them in any public blacklists.
We very rarely ban IPs. This time, I banned a single ASN linked to a huge source of spam from Russia. Unfortunately, there was a typo in processing the IP prefixes (XenForo's system is a bit inflexible), so for the past few hours some IP ranges were accidentally banned as well. This is now resolved.
Yeah I was a little surprised when I was IP banned few hours back, glad to see everything is back to normal tho.