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OpenTibia otservlist.org hosted board is back

I'd like to announce the few changes for Otservlist.org's board. There has been a feedback thread in the past where some of you have voiced constructive criticism about the state of the board and its purpose. During its long history, otservlist.org has chosen to use Otland's hosted board as its forum and while we no longer have many "hosted project boards", we are keen to continue offering space for this project.

A while ago, due to lack of responses from otservlist.org's administration to a number of reports and other concerns, the board has been hidden from public view. Since then, @xinn has reached out and the purpose of the forum was discussed. It is coming back with a new moderator (both on Otland and a person moderating the list) - @ditto. He is not only going to moderate otservlist.org board, but also answer questions, take care of reports and other problems for the community there. As we have firm commitment that the board will again serve a purpose to our mutual users, I am comfortable making it visible again.

While, Otservlist.org has always been the most popular server list and has been constantly developing new detection methods and systems to get rid of spoofers, I now request that you utilize the Reports subforum there to submit any suspicious servers and I am looking forward to seeing @ditto resolve them.


Apr 21, 2020
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but there is still ot servers like rexia where is 50 players online but you can open 10 mc :x gg