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Paid, simple job.


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Mar 21, 2009
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I am looking for someone who can make a simple request: I don't want full real tibia map. I just want this 7 respawns in a map and teleports to all of them.
  1. 1. Temple with teleports to this respawns:
    1. Soulwar
    2. Library
    3. Falcon/Cobra
    4. Buried Cathedral
    5. Venore Spectres
    6. Buried Cathedral
    7. Deep desert (Skeletons)
2. Map and monsters must be equal to real tibia(roots, conditions, etc)
3. Must have updated items/spells (foods, mana shield pots,etc)
4. Must be in a stable, new TFS

We can use any middleman, from oficial real tibia ones to someone from this forum. Msg me to discuss the price.