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Team Paid work - contract - Need Mapper, Programmer (scripts), Graphic designer

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Mar 16, 2009
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After many years of break from creating OTS servers, I decided to return to this "industry". TFS engine for version 8.6.
Without extending it, I am looking for the following people:
1. Programmer (scripts) - person needed to create some scripts and to correct the current ones.
2. Mapper - beautifying the current map and creating new hunting grounds
3. Graphic - creating a new layout and launching it on the current website

Mapper and programmer - constant cooperation, continuous development of the server

I offer a paid job - settlement as agreed - it can be paypal, revolut, transfer to a bank account - everything to be agreed.

Interested persons please leave your contact details here. For me, the age of the person is not important, but experience, so it's best to add something from yourself - a link to the topic you have done, portfolio, whatever. Please also add which languages you operate, it is important due to the desire to create a multilanguage server.
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