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Path of Tibia - Development Thread

isnt it how u play such servers? you try to min max build and look for something super op to beat game
PoE's attributes aren't broken or anything, 99% of what they're used for is stat requirements for gear & skill gems
of course, they do provide a very small bonus for every 10 attribute points allocated

if they just stick to that & make it mostly about requirements & design skill tree properly so you get int for mage builds, str for melee builds, and dex for ranged builds (but not force those attrs to those builds) then it should be easy to balance
Strength will work like that but Dex and Int will change a little. We won't use Accuracy Rating, Evasion Rating and Energy Shield. Instead Dex will work towards Dodge Chance (not flat, just increase) and Int will add small amount of increased spell damage instead of ES. Even tho there will be no Energy Shield, there will be Chaos Inoculation keystone that makes your HP 1/1 all the time but also gives your 24/7 Mana Shield. So Priest and Elementalist path will be able to use it and stack Mana.

Just to clarify, tree in PoE is big as hell and because of that very overwhelming for new players. Considering how linear and simple Tibia is, we have to make sure that this tree won't be overwhelming for average Tibia player. So what we did is removed vocations and made only 1 available, Exile (yes, we are original).

This tree a bit outdated but this is the only screen I currently have that shows path from the start to "class" keystone. This big circle with Blue/Red/Green lights is the start/middle. As shown here, if you go straight up through INT nodes, you will be able to choose Elementalist (ranged DPS, the one visible on screen below) or Priest (support/healer, will be on the left side that is yet to be done) build. However to not make it limiting, on the way to that keystone you will be able to choose different nodes that make your build unique. As Elementalist you can pick Wand nodes (visible below) that will utilize your Wand attacks as main damage (Wanderer build) instead of spells or you can focus on all elements and spell damage overall or even go Elemental Equilibrium and focus on one element for big DPS.
We also yet have to decide passive points limit, we don't want to make it possible to pick 2 paths at once, that would be OP but we also don't want to limit amount of possible builds.



Available paths (not classes, these nodes are to show you which direction given path leads):
INT: Elementalist (ranged DPS) and Priest (support/healer)

INT + DEX: Battlemage (melee DPS "melee wizard")

DEX: Archer (ranged DPS)

DEX + STR: Assassin (melee DPS)

STR: Berserker (melee DPS, Rage instead of Mana), Knight (melee Tank)

STR + INT: Templar (melee DPS-Tank)
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Yeah, it all obviously depends on what nodes you're going to place there.

It's just that from my experience on many OTS even the simplest attribute systems (the "add 1 attribute point to str/dex/int/vit on level up") often end up being unbalanced and 90% of players just go "full str" making the system pointless.
thats completely not true, attr system can contain all possible attributes so if you are allowed to chose you can make a good build by using the correct logic or a mixed build which mess up your char and make it useless,
Monster Rarities & Attributes added and working!
This is gonna make for some really exciting gameplay.
Monsters are gonna spawn in packs now aswell instead of Single spawns here and there.

Normal = 4 Normal Monsters
Magic = 3 Monsters (2 times stronger than Normal) with 1 shared modifier
Rare = 1 Monster (4 times stronger than Normal) with 3 modifiers and 2 Normal with same modifiers as that 1 Rare

These are some of the possible Attributes the monsters can have.

Debuff Immune

[+35%] to Elemental Resistances

[40%] increased Armor

[50%] increased Life

Regenerate [1%] of Life per second

[25%] increased Damage

[35%] increased Attack Speed
[35%] increased Cast Speed
[70%] increased Movement Speed

[300%] increased Critical Chance
[65%] to Critical Multiplier

[50%] increased Physical Damage

Gain [25%] of Physical Damage as Extra [Fire]/[Cold]/[Lightning Damage]

[100%] of Physical Attack Damage Leeched as Life

[2000%] increased Quantity of Items dropped
[2000%] increased Rarity of Items dropped

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Great idea for a server. The tree is probably the biggest aspect of the game, it allows you to create unique builds. Elite opponents are great too! Good luck: D
very sad that, the ot seemed to be great.
That's why it is no longer in development. If you want to create something great, unique and innovative, you need proper team or someone that should touch grass. Team of 2 is just not enough when one of them (me) is a lazy fuck that is sick of Tibia.