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AAC PHP pull data from 2 columns

Three Magic

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Aug 25, 2009
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Having issues with pulling data from 2 columns. It's been a while since I've touched PHP so I thought I'd ask here!

What I need to achieve:
Table A has 2 columns, attr_type and city.

I need to display, where attr_type = 'acc' and city variable, then display based on city.

For example, I click on CityA and it will display any information with the field column CityA


so, if i click on Venore page, it will show any data with the attr_type acc and the city venore.
if I click Thais page, it will show any data with the attr_type acc and the city thais.

sounds easy right?

here comes the catch

I can add city pages as many as I want, with a different page, with different names, so if I was to add Edron through my "add city" page, I need the SQL statement to automatically search Edron, too, without adding it manually as a OR statement. If that makes sense?

Good god, I've butchered my explanation!
Anyway, this is the SQL code I have

$result = mysqli_query($con,"SELECT * FROM table WHERE attr_type = 'ACC' AND city_name = 'THAIS');

but I need to change the city_name to a variable... thanks!