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[Poland][12.64] Giveria - [20.06.2021 - 16:00]

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Sep 11, 2009
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: 12.64
: 24/7
Hosted in
: Germany
: Giveria.com
Map: Custom Evolution

Welcome on GiveriaOT server, which is developed and tested by a professional team, with frequent updates, i.e. new monsters, new spells, new systems, new events, new bosses! The best and most complete High Rate EU server at today's stage, and we will always enjoy the best updates and features every day! There will be a new wonderful peninsula for all players - a new island arriving in the lands of Giveria, with new houses available to all players, and new hunting grounds.

Exp Rate :

1 - 50 level: x100
51 - 100 level: x50
101 - 150 level: x20
151 - 200 level: x10
201 - 250 level: x8
251 - 300 level: x5
301 - 400 level: x3
401 - 500 level: x2
501+ level: x1

Skills rate:

1 - 50 skill: x20
51 - 80 skill: x15
81 - 100 skill: x10
101 - 120 skill: x8
121+ skill: x6

Magic rate:

1 - 50 mlvl: x10
51 - 80 mlvl: x8
81 - 100 mlvl: x6
101+ mlvl: x4

Loot rate: x2,5

Map: Custom Evo
Protection Level: 150

More information:
Daily bosses, events, raids.
Custom hunts, quests, bosses and items.

Upgrade and enchant systems.

What awaits us and why is it worth staying with us?

- The latest Winter 2020 update

- Soul War Quest 400+

- The newest outfits, Mounts available for Giveria Coins!

- Inbuing system working as on Rl Tibia for gold tokens!

- Custom system to exchange Pirate Coins for Tibia Coins or other useful things!

- Pirate Coins you can get from monsters, tasks, missions and bosses

- Boss raids in special rooms + raids on hunting grounds (eg Izcandar Champion of Summer respawns periodically on summer elves exp)!

- Special Task system for monsters from hunting grounds

- A new boss room has been added for everyone!

- Soul items have been changed, now it takes lvl 300 to equip them

- A new beginner's set has been added to the store from lvl 8 - Each item has hp & mana regeneration

- The Task's rewards and the Crystal Bonus have been changed (the bonuses will be a little weaker)

- New, better proffesion balance !


Our city has been expanded, new houses have been added, because in the previous edition they were always missing. We changed dp to new houses, and completely changed the temple!


We have added a lot of new hunting grounds, and we have made a division into water, fire, earth, death and ice hunting grounds. There are over 180 hunting spots in total on Giveria that are completely free for hunting!


Novelty! A new, additional boss room where we can find most of the bosses that everyone can beat, even individually. The weaker bosses respawn once every 2 hours, and the better ones once every 4 hours! Everyone will find something for themselves here. In addition, on the right side there are better bosses for which you need to complete all missions at the npc Katameron to have access to them!


New quests have been added, to have access to them, you must complete all quests at npc Catameron! - These are store items, so you don't have to spend real money when playing with us, because Tibia Coins and these items can be obtained in the game by exchanging Pirate Coins (available from monsters, tasks, missions, bosses) for Tibia Coins!


Every player will find something for themselves. On our server we have also added something for RPG players, namely Feyrist, whose teleports are in the temple on level -2, everyone can get there without requirements, for free!


New NPC place - all the npc needed in one place, after entering the teleport in temple (NPC) we will get to the island where we can sell all the acquired items in one place!


If someone was not enough RPG, we also added places such as Issavi, Roshamuul, Oramond and Krailos, for players who like to play Real Tibi, everyone can enter for free as well, there are also cities with all npc, and houses, if in the main city ran out of them​

Refresh :)

Start today! Let's go to register! Remember - If you want Free Tibia Coins, create guil;d with 10+ players. If everyone will have 200+ lvl, you all get free tc :)


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Jan 8, 2011
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I do NOT approve this server. Full of bugs, crashes, items dissapear. Tutors are worst than kids. U can just check discord and see how people rate this server, they just complain about items not working good/disappear items/shop items(!). Idk how they make this ot next edition.

There is funny thing u can kill bosses making 1 hit lmao. Some people know it.


Nov 6, 2017
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this ot is full of bugs, crashes.
upgrade system is not working properly, ek deals no dmg with a weapon that has element in it when somebody is using utamo vita. you cant use fire/poison.... bombs/fields unless you make skull and target somebody. tutors are playing in the same team and this ot is just corrupted af
god giveria himself is not capable of doing any changes thats why instead of fixing a bug he's removing it he said he is going to ban bots but some of his friends teammates were using it and were caught so he said that he will make exhausts the next day instead of baning them and after a few days the only thing he changed was ue's because thats the only thing his friends (tutors) were complaining about because their team is full of paladins. when somebody asks him why is something not working properly he says "thats not true we have scripts from real tibia"
prey system is bugged aswell for example lacewing moths prey disappears 20+h instead of 2 same goes for other custom monsters.
No bots? clyde healing 95% (https://streamable.com/mkl39j) -- dymek exuravita (https://streamable.com/c0hwk8) auto healing