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[Poland][Custom] Dragon Ball World OTS - Official

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Dec 4, 2017
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We would like to present you: Dragon Ball World OTS

Best Dragon Ball OTS! (https://dbwots.pl/)
Account Maker: Dragon Ball World (http://dbwots.ddns.net/)
Discord: Join the Dragon Ball World Discord Server! (https://discord.com/invite/8t5rkpNu2a)

Dragon Ball World is an anime based OTS deeply inspired by Legacy of Goku game. Our game is aimed at people who appreciate retro style, slow progression and interesting mechanics.​


The early game is focused more on PVE, both solo players and teams will not experience boredom.
The end game is heavily focused on competition and PVE.

The game offers many PVE, PVP, crafting and event systems, such as:

Gems (item upgrade),
Dragon Balls

and soon:
Advanced fishing.

It is worth mentioning that the game encourages high-level players to support beginners.






Don't hesitate, just join us and create a great community with us!
Discord: Join the Dragon Ball World Discord Server! (https://discord.com/invite/8t5rkpNu2a)

We would like to invite you to Dragon Ball World OTS!
We are constantly developing and balancing our server. Another patch is coming out this Sunday, solving some of the problems and introducing new loot, new trade items and new trade npcs to the game!

Don't hesitate, just join us and create a great community with us!
Discord: Join the Dragon Ball World Discord Server! (https://discord.com/invite/8t5rkpNu2a)

Today, the Easter event has started on our Dragon Ball World server!
The event will last until the end of April, so for sure everyone will have a chance to participate.
You can read more about it in the news on our website at:

If you do not know our server yet, I will briefly describe what you can expect:
  • this is a hard server, so experience, skills and items are gained very slowly,
  • the early game focuses on pve, we have dungeons, many quests, tasks, sagas and many systems that make the game more enjoyable,
  • the later game becomes more competitive, there is access to the first mazes in which we fight for valuable prizes with other players,
  • no char resets or edits, so we will never lose progress on our characters,
  • gameplay tailored in such a way that it encourages high-level players to help lower-level players, thanks to which there is no need to be discouraged that the server is already online, but rather treat it like an rl tibie.
  • afk kick only after 1 hour, so you can successfully skill characters and play other games / ots ;)
  • absolute lack of bots (every botter absolutely banned).

If anyone is looking for a server for a long-term game spent together with a great community, be sure to check out our server!

We cordially invite you to follow our profile as well as news on our website and changelog.

We also encourage you to join our discord,
where we will be happy to answer any questions!


The Easter event will last for another week, if you haven't managed to take part and complete the quest yet, there is still time.
Today a small adjustment related to the loot and exp system from mini bosses and dungeons will be introduced. It will be fairer for low level players.
Thus, we encourage you to check our server!

Let me remind you once again what characterizes our server:
  • slow gaining experience,
  • no char resets, no edits, no pay to wins,
  • server friendly for new players (no rat race to the top level),
  • pve systems (dungeons, sagas, mini bosses, tasks, quests, etc.)
  • pvp systems (maze, world bosses),
  • lifestyle systems (crafting, mining, gardening, soon reworked fishing and cooking).
  • gem system (endgame system based on developing equipment),

In two weeks there will be a thorough update of the premium system, the reflink system will be implemented, you will be able to earn premium currency in exchange for inviting new players to the game. On this occasion, events for existing players will also be organized.

Join our community!
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we would like to inform you that the rework of the system part of the server has come to an end!
In short, what has been done:
  • a completely new, unique system of receiving and dealing damage, along with new statistics,
  • adaptation of monsters to the new damage system,
  • a new, original account maker (constantly developed with new functions),


Thus, we are starting work on further server content, and in the near future there are:
  • adding more equipment items (240lv, 300lv)
  • adding more mazes and dungeons (up to 300lv),
  • adding more mini bosses (up to 200lv),
  • increasing the number of monsters (200lv - 300lv),
  • increasing the amount of items dropped from monsters (200lv - 300lv),
  • rework of the fishing system,
  • further work on the balance of the current elements of the game.

As you can see, the server is just entering a period of dynamic development.

If you don't have any friends who play on our server yet, use this code: DBWOTS23 when registering and you'll get free days of premium! Premium Shards obtained from this code will be used for community contests!

Don't wait, join us!
Website: Best Dragon Ball OTS! (https://dbwots.pl/)
Discord: Discord - A New Way to Chat with Friends & Communities (https://discord.com/invite/8t5rkpNu2a)