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[Quick Showoff] Post your latest maps!

viridian forest? doesn't look like much playable area 🤔
It has 4 to 5 square meters for the player to walk around, there is no need for a closed forest to have more than that.
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The color palette of objects and land on the map is too similar, so it seems that there is almost no road there.
It only looks like it, but there's plenty of space for the player to walk around, there's no need for more than that in a closed forest.
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Dont know if this is a true light effect in the game, or just some photoshop shenanigans, but I love it. It's acutually perfect. Gratz! :)
It is an effect that will have within the game during the day, at night it will not have this effect
Working 42 hours plus a week, father of 2 demons, but still--I've been busy. this isn't for my game, and I just started this a couple weeks ago. I'll show more when i'm allowed, but the minimap looks pretty cool already.


I did a little rework on the Rookgaard Spider Bridge. Nothing special.
I thought it looked nice, decided to share with you guys.