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Ranger's Arcani - Official Discussion

  • Crafting "Fill" option has been fixed
  • Red skull has been fixed and will keep after logging out and logging in
  • Igris spell description has been fixed and from now it will shows correct damage values
  • Igris, Druid spell mana const has been fixed
  • Brotherhood outfit mount has been fixed
  • Gerwazy NPC quest dialogue has been fixed
  • Search for Food, Ice Cube and Magic Rope will work properly after vocation change
  • Spell bar potions quantity has been fixed
  • A bug where you could throw items offscreen has been fixed
  • Necromancer summons will appear in the party panel damage

  • Heal Friend, Druid spell has been changed and will have less efficiency with summons
  • From now your guild chat will open automatically after logging in to the game
  • From now all chat channels will accept link to items
  • 8 new mount have been added to the game (all are available to get)
  • From now guild members will sort by a level and online status in guild overwiev window
  • Phoenixes spawn has been reworked (it's much bigger now)!
  • Bronze, silver and gold bellows have been changed and now these items give you small chance to return some resources if you successfully forge an item
  • Unique items spell modifiers have been recoded and tested and will work correctly
  • Light radius has been increased for The crystal of the enchanted light item
  • A magic effect has been added for successfully dodge and death hit event
  • Empty parcels that have been appearing in your deposit has been fixed
  • Rufus medium task has been fixed (was wrong monster name in the config)
  • Bane of Heretics, Paladin spell will not scale with wisdom anymore (that was a bug)
  • Favorite items have been fixed, from now this status will not disappear after moving an item (not for cantainers yet)
  • Quality filter in Encyclopedia has been fixed
  • Convert attribute filter has been fixed

  • From now smelted items will count to the "Mine Craft" achievement
  • Cooldown for summon shaburak/askarak guide has been decreased to 20 minutes
  • Magic Trickster, Massive Electric Shock, Heavy Arson, Wizard spells cooldown group has been changed
  • Hotkey for fullscreen has been added
  • Berserker, Barbarian spell kepp an effect mana cost has been reduced to 8 mana
  • Bloody Earth, Barbarian spell duration (to 20 seconds at all levels) and cooldown (to 25 seconds at all levels) has been changed
  • Cleave, Barbarian spell damage has been changed and central target will get 90% of damage and side targets 30% at max level
  • Hardening Training, Barbarian passive has been changed and increases all resistances by 0.8% per level instead
  • From now using "Weapon Throw" while under the "Witcher" spell will cause the projectile to bounce x times, forcing enemies hit to attack the caster. Reflected projectiles do no damage and only attack enemies that are currently targeting a target other than the spell caster
  • Movement speed of Necromancer summons has been changed and from now summons have the same speed as they had when they were alive
  • Bone Hammer, Necromancer spell will get twice bigger cooldown at PvP fights (because of push)
  • Provocation, Paladin spell is going to get a change. From now this spell will apply a buff for every player in range (buffs can stack) for 10 seconds that gives 35% of resistance to being taunted by this spell. For example player uses Provocation in a PVP fight to get the aggro of a player, it was successful so the player gets a buff. Paladin uses Provocation again and if he successfully provokes the player then the spell applies another buff of 35% resistance, it gives a total of 70% of resistance for the Provocation effect. Buff lasts 10 seconds and the timer reset every time when a player has been forced to attack paladin by Provocation spell
  • Mastermind, Paladin spell damage has been decreased by 8%
  • Experience doors have been fixed

  • Rain of Arrows, Tracker spell area has been fixed
  • Infinite hunting buff has been fixed
  • PZ Zone has been fixed at Mararoko waypoint
  • Yuan-ti access quest has been fixed

  • An information who crafted an item has been added to item description
  • All travel NPCs will not allow you to travel if you killed somebody and you still have a PZ lock
  • Elemental Island Draken hunting area has been extended
  • New task has been added to Proclay offer (Inanimate Cat and Dark Spirit)
  • Legendary whirlwind crossbow assigned spell chance has been increased from 3% to 6% and from now this spell scales with player's weapon
  • Word Power, Necromancer group cooldown spell has been changed
  • Royal Paladin melee (!) attack has been increased

- Monster resistances have been fixed

  • GOD items have got an immunity at the legendary quality level (there will be a quest to increase GOD items quality)
  • All haunted, swamplair, frosty and hellfire items have got higher resistances
  • Crystalline armor, Bronze plate, Ghastly dragon scale mail have got a new resistances at legendary quality level
  • Rune drop has got an animation while dropping
  • Multi Shot, Tracker spell has been changed and hits up to four targets at second level and up to five targets at third level (was 3 targets at second level and 4 at third level)
  • Conjure arrow and bolt ammunition quantity have been increased from 10->15->20 to 15->30->45 per cast, cooldown has been decreased from 14 seconds to 10 seconds
  • Rain of Arrows, Tracker spell spell area has been increased from 3x3 to 5x5 without corners
  • All task arena boss teleports have been moved away from the entrance
  • New waypoint has been added to Mararoko town
  • Two new low level quests have been added (Felisen and Bertard)
  • New item has been added to fire trolls loot, hellfire rune that can be exchanged for burst arrows at Tobias
  • Price for outfit for crystal tokens has been decreased from 100 for base outfit and 100 for each addon to 50 for base outfit and 25 for each addon
  • Accuracy, tracker charges will increase attack speed by 25 miliseconds per charge instead of critical hit multiplier
  • From now information message will appear every time when you pick any items from your auto loot list, screenshoot below
  • Chimeras (under Teracian's castle) spawn speed has been increased a little bit
  • Inanimate Cat and Dark Spirit experience has been increased, but quantity of these monsters has been reduced

  • Abyssal Sprit mana steal has been fixed and will be blocked by Void's Call charm
  • Bronze, Silver and Golden bellows have been fixed and from now recovered materials will be send to magazine
  • Word Power - Pain has been fixed and from now will decrease target's healing
  • "The order of darkness" quest, part "Prison Break" has been fixed and you will be able to pass through even if the guards are stunned
  • Healing spells will not get a cooldown when you change floors, offensive spells still will get 2 seconds of cooldown
  • Battle window "Hide Summons" filter has been fixed
  • Swift Steps, Tracker spell has been fixed
  • Damage dealt and damage received tracker panels have been fixed
  • Non open backpacks after log out in a no-logout zone have been fixed
  • Non walkable summons have been fixed (the same as magical disappearing them after changing the floors)

  • Legendary arydian axe assigned spell chance has been increased from 5% to 12%
  • Yellow skull has been added
  • Dungeon bosses are going to drop special unique items with low chance for drop, collect them all and build an unique item!
I played this server ages ago and was so in love. Think I'll make a return :)
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The improvements made really shadow what could have come of Necronia.
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I really like how dedicated the RA team is with all these regular updates, for all these years.
Big ups, Oskar.

I always come back from time to time to hang out in Chaek. Love that place.
I don't see the announcement post there
In 3 hours there's new season starting (new server) PVP
pvp isn't balanced but i quess this season will be 4fun edition + new class engineer is released
No Ty. So tired of pay to win resetting servers. Let’s play the 20th season with minimal updates!!!! Heck yeah!!!!
@DonHagman 150 on start 2 days ago, 152 right now
Not much changed from last edition, 1 new class and 1 new city. Propably a lot of work has been done to fix stuff etc
Enjoying it anyways rn, unfortunately you missed 1-2st days to sell money for Premium Points so now things will cost a lot
people crying for more content when they barely even scatched the surface of the server is insane :D i know 2 people who complained in this thread never got to lvl 50 but want more hahahaha insane how this forum gaslights amazing projects
Started this server round two or three days ago.. and from the first day I got hooked..

If you go into this game with a fresh mind, you will find your self exploring MANY of hours around its custom map trying to find secret quest, exploring every section of the starting area! If your lucky you will have a few friends with ya and have a fun journey laughing at some deaths!

Haven't even got to MAIN yet, because me and my friend's have all agreed to finish all of rooks mysteries and quest!

Do yourself a favor try this game out just for a hour and see if you don't get hooked.

Amazing server @Oskar1121
Do you still play?
Do you still play?
No, as much fun as exploring was - real life work beats ya down and had not much time to play most knowledge to access spots is hidden behind a lot of players who gatekeep the knowledge.
They have a wikia discord in BR, to some common quest etc but most the deep quest is hidden knowledge to same handful of people who've been playing for long time.

Oskar still puts in tons of work, the server still has lots of rollbacks and I'd wager to say 2-3 kicks a day.

But still think if you have time to play the game and explore explore and don't have to worry about work, it's still a ++ server.
Hi all! We are happy to announce that the test server is online! To play on it you need to download a special Launcher that will automatically download all necessary files. The test server may not be stable, but we are doing our best to fix all issues. Also, the database has been copied from the current NA server so you can log in using your old characters! Also, there are two proxies that you can test as well, please leave your feedback about the quality of the connection. I highly recommend creating new characters and playing from the beginning!

Looks like an amazing server, you created your own universe with polished custom features, I wish you the best! Respect 🫡
This is the GOAT, the one custom server that will make you fall in love with tibia again. Recommending to everyone!