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Ravendawn spr&dat 2024


Apr 24, 2008
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without many words here I leave the davendawn spr&dat ready to read with object builder version 10.98
The files to decrypt the client are on the internet, I will not publish links to other forums.
search on google and find.
The .dat is not perfect, but it can give us the opportunity to enter and see the sprites or extract them or rebuild them
Download Link: Ravendawn Sprites 1098
Credit for Sprites: RavendawnOnline

Add in Object Builder Version.xml
<version value="1098" string="10.98 v2" dat="8EAE" spr="55555556" otb="0"/>
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So, we've got christmas earlier this year.

Yes, it works. Yes, tibia.dat is a mess.

do we have medivia ? lol :D
The .dat is a disaster if it's true but I can't find a way. Other than to make the .data from 0 xD or simply use the sprites that you think are necessary in the ot :)