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When I requested to remove some of my old posts from over a decade ago, just to basically remove trash, I was promptly told by a moderator that no content will be removed unless it violated some OTLand rules. It's a pity that you (the moderator team of OTLand) let some people do as they wish with their content, while others are told no. And to add to that, another moderator told me to specifically "report each post" that I wanted to remove and they would take care of it. Ha, weird team running OTLand. It's a bullshit request, but nonetheless, it is pretty weird to not be able to do that stuff.

Maybe you could help me out with that? Or is it still a no to delete literal trash content from 1 to 1½ decade ago 🤔
I don't want to start any "hate war" or something like that I but I had the similar experience. When I requested to remove my tutorial from Otland, topic was closed instead. So I decided to remove pictures from my imgur account and Otland stuff illegaly got it back from cache and called my action "a sabogate". They rejected my complaint against this and gave me warning for removing the pictures 🙃 They claimed that these are the rules of the forum, that if I post something here, credits goes to them, which is of course nonsense and if someone would take it seriously and reported it as copyright infringement, such person would win the case. They offered me deleting my account but of course keeping up all my posts ;)

I have no idea if something changed regarding such requests or its based on "who" requests that. In my opinion, removing topic regarding Ravendawn which had some valid criticism is wrong way with dealing such cases, but huh, it happened.

Regarding Ravendawn itself, I'm wondering how long it will last in terms of economy. How fast it will become oversaturated? There is lot of artifical blockers to prevent that but the question is how long players will tolerate it, or maybe its not that visible?



Found big memes on their client, not hard to do a bot there for someone experienced on OTC/V8 engine.
For a big market game they need to improve a lot of points on their client, like the main point of hiding "slow" game assets loading with updater module lol.
Lets see if they really wanna leave the OT scope, because for what I saw it seems the old and good OT structure.
worth to note abak abused mentor system for a week on stream grinding 18h a day getting 8x effective lvl faster than etup and since effective lvl is everything if u get few more than ur enemy u gain huge boost to crit chance, crit dmg and overall dmg increase and resistances

they promised to punish exploiters 2 weeks ago no punishment so far