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Read this before posting a new thread to avoid thread deletion!

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May 28, 2007
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When you make a new thread use a prefix if it's in the list, if not let it blank.

As you are going to offer a job, or request, you must give information about it, and do not write only 'I need mapper pm me'.
Try make a serious post including the most complete information possible to attract other members to take a look at it and eventually apply.

From now on, you are required to post the server's main information. This consists of rates, map and client version. You can also provide screenshots to make the application look professional and informative. It is also required for you to post the IP and (if available) the link to the server's website, in case it is an already-online server.
Applications that DON'T include one of these basic information will be deleted without any further notice.

Possible tags.

  • Ot name;
  • Job you offer/look for;
  • Website;
  • Contact;
  • Information about the Ot such as experience rate;
  • Hosting;

That is just an example, you may not use them all or you can add others.

And again, please do not make new threads writing a few lines without giving any information because it will be deleted immediately.

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May 28, 2007
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Read this to avoid thread deletion.


If you're offering your hosting services, from now on, you're required to post your Speedtest result in order to prove your connection speed. Also you are required to post your system specifications and the location of your PC too. Furthermore, if your dedicated server is going to host more than one server, please specify how many open tibia servers it can handle.

Example of a good and valid hoster's application thread:


My name is Delirium (Nikolas) and I live in Athens, Greece.
I am offering my hosting services and I would like to host an 8.50 server with custom/RL map.

My computer's specifications are the following:

  • CPU AMD Athlon Dual Core 5600+ @ 2.81GHz x 2
  • 4GB RAM DDR2
  • 750GB SATA Hard Drive
  • Windows 7, Ultimate Edition
  • Connection speed: 24/1 Mbit/s

Speedtest result link:


The rules apply for everyone using these OS:
  • Windows NT/199x/2000/XP/Vista/7/8
  • Windows Server Edition
  • Linux Distribution with Graphical User Interface

Threads that do not include a speedtest result link/image, hoster location and system specifications will be closed.

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Jun 9, 2008
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How to write a decent application - EXAMPLE

A lot of people these days write an application fast and short, which results in the application lacking information and making you look unserious, there is nothing wrong by making the application short or whatever it's just that most people forget some important information.

So.. I've decided to briefly write what an application could have , you don't need to follow this but it wouldn't hurt reading through to get a general idea on how to make people interested on hiring just you.
These are some important points which I think every application should have:

  • Your name and where you come from.
    You don't need to give out too much information here, the country you come from and your first RL name is enough.
    But if you feel like it you could describe yourself short and concise.

  • How do you work with other people?
    This is a important point as most team consist of multiple people, so being able to work with people is important.

  • Which languages to you speak?
    If your able to speak English then thats a BIG plus, you don't need to speak it fluently, making your self understood and being able to understand is enough in my book.
    If you know more languages don't leave them out, tell them that you can speak multiple languages if thats the case, thats always a plus.

  • Skills?
    What are your strong sides?
    This is one important point aswell, here you tell them what you can do (scripting, mapping etc..)
    Ok, this is the important part, if your a mapper, scripter or whatever include some examples of your works!
    A lot of applications lack this which I think is very bad, if your a mapper include some images, if your a scripter post some scripts!
    It's OK to link to threads aswell which contain some examples of what you can do.
    Your not obligated to just tell them about your Open-Tibia skills, if your a fast learner and dedicated with whatever you work with tell them that aswell!

  • Experience
    Have you worked on any server before?
    In my opinion this doesn't really matter that much, but I guess it's a plus if you've worked on a big and good server.
    Just don't lie here, if your searching for a serious project to join the project leaders might check you up.

You could also read this thread, which is good: Team Considerations... - OpenTibia Fans
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