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Discussion in 'Data Packs' started by Xenios, Jan 20, 2009.

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    As you might noticed already you can not edit your posts in the Downloads forum.
    This is for a reason so people can't change the link for re-uploading with a virus after it has been scanned.

    Therefore you should make your thread/post at once If you want to change the thread for example; updates, dead links, more info etc. Then please contact use via the report function or a moderator that is assigned for this.

    When you submit a new thread a status will be given as "unapproved" it needs to be scanned by a moderator and when the results of the online antivirus services are positive, the thread will be "approved" and will be visible by the public. It's not 100% safe and trustful as the services might undetect dangerous malware that can harm your computer!

    So lookout for any harmful malware! If don't know what to do you can read this thread in the announcements:

    //Otland staff
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