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[Sanctuary-Online] Monster Mechanics Creator Needed! [xml/lua]

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Dec 27, 2007
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Hey guys, I am the owner of Sanctuary-Online (Sanctuary Online Global (https://Sanctuary-OnlineOTS.com)) and I am looking for a skilled XML/LUA coder to help create the highest quality monster mechanics possible. If you have any experience with my server, you know it's on hard-mode. With our demonic system, a normal rotworm hunt can get intense IN THE BLINK OF AN EYE. With that being said, I am looking for someone who is knowledgable with xml/lua to create and balance custom monster mechanics including hp, experience, attack, defense, spells, mechanics (trigged at target HP, based on number of targets surrounding the boss, etc), and finally loot. What you will receive from me is our OTClient with a monster maker module which will assist you in choosing an appropriate outfit (>2,000 outfits to choose from).

Payment: I can pay via PayPal or Zelle. I can pay $10-$100 depending on how advanced the boss is.
$10 - simple balanced boss file with appropriate hp, experience, spells, no custom mechanics
$100 - really well balanced boss with teleport abilities, tons of cool spells, configurable boss mechanic file, etc

I will pay first if you have a history of these types of jobs or references.
Payments via PayPal will be sent as a gift, with the comment "Product Already Received"