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Skill dont go up


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Aug 30, 2022
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hey guy i got problem with skills 8.60 when i make new account like Paladin i go train
my skill go and stop like 30 or 40 same shield and never more give up
any know where is problem ?

rateSkill = 15.0 ;-- mnożnik skilli
rateMagic = 10.0 ;-- mnożnik magic levela
rateLoot = 1.0 ;-- mnożnik wypadania loota z potworów
rateSpawn = 2.5 ;-- ile razy szybciej mają się odradzać potwory (respawn)
<skill fist="1.2" club="1.2" sword="1.2" axe="1.2" distance="1.1" shielding="1.1" fishing="1.1" experience="1.0"/>