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[SWEDEN][13.30] Mehra Tibia | Unique Hazard Feature | Lots of QoL features | 1 year anniversary

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Feb 27, 2024
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A server that stays true to Real Tibia with custom features that enhance the experience and general QoL of the game.

Create your character here:
Mehra Tibia - Create Account

Join discord here:
Mehra Tibia - Join Discord

Why choose Mehra​

We have a unique hazard system that makes our custom hazard zones very fun to play. You have to plan your route carefully and interact with the environment due to our custom hazard pods. These pods can spawn more enemies once, create a rift that continously spawn enemies or deal party wide damage. The spawned enemies can be influenced or fiendish, so be careful! This makes every location that has this feature playable on a wide range of levels. One of the first hazardzones you encounter is Darashia Minotaurs. If you start on the server it is adviced to test the feature there.

Read more about our hazard areas

Systems and information​

  • Unique hazard feature
  • Custom raids
  • Custom areas
  • Custom bosses
  • Custom talkactions focused on QoL improvements. Read more
  • Autoloot for VIP players
  • Wheel of destiny
  • Gem atelier
  • Ingol, Soul Wars, Gnomprona
  • Improved daily rewards. Read more
  • Experience rebalance for majority of monsters
  • Custom client that update client automatically
  • Influenced and fiendish creatures are more often encountered
  • Influenced and fiendish creatures yield more experience

Experience stages​

1-30: 20x
31-150: 15x
151-200: 10x
201-?: 7x

Note: Due to the hazard feature as well as the monster rebalance, the experience is generally higher than on Real Tibia.

Final words​

Mehra is based on Real Tibia but offers a unique experience with good pacing and a dedicated community.
We have soon been up a year and have no plan to reset or take down the server anytime soon.

Hope to see you online!

Mehra Admin
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Update 2024-02-29
  • New talkaction "!forge" used to open the forge menu wherever you are
  • Increased mana used by Wand of Vortex and Snakebite Rod from 1 to 80 mana (used during mage training)
  • Fixed an issue where store items where not movable
  • New hazard areas
    • Carnivoras
    • Issavi surface
    • Glooth bandits
    • Buried Cathedral
    • Inquisition - Dark Torturer seal
Weekend Event!

During this weekend we will have a 50% Loot and Skill event.
The event start 2024-03-01 and ends 2024-03-04.

Mehra Admin
Update 2024-03-01

Developers note:

House decoration have been too pricy for people to want to buy it. In order to promote having a nice home I will be lowering the price of house decorations a lot.
  • Price on all house decoration items have been lowered by a factor 5. This means that if the price was 100 it is now 20.
  • Fixed an issue where magic level offline training was calculated wrong
Weekend event is live!

The 50% loot and skill event weekend is now live

Mehra Admin
Good server with an active community, tip is to get into the discord since most bossteams and so on forms there. Hazard system is amazing and lots of events on the weekends, this weekend for example is boss and loot event. bunch of mid-lvl active players and some high lvls that are always helpful. More Hazard areas added often so the hunting never gets boring.
Most people are swedish but also some portugese-speakers and polish, everyone usually speaks english so no problem if you're not swedish.
Update 2024-04-03

Developers note: We will be adding a ton of new hazard areas but as well preparing for some fun features located in rookgard. Nothing is yet done but will come in due time.

Map changes
  • Added grizzly adams to leveling tower hub
  • Restructured the npc's in the leveling tower hub
  • Added portal to Rookgard in order to prepare for a new feature
Hazard Changes
  • New hazard zone, Lower Roshamuul
  • New hazard zone, Werehyaena
  • New hazard zone, Pirats
  • New hazard zone, Secret Library
  • Added southern island to Issavi Surface hazard
  • Added remaining seals to Ferumbras Ascension hazard
Knight Changes

Developers note: Knights have been overtuned for some time due to the addition of the Wheel of Destiny. We are going to tone down axe throw since it is performing too good in both single target and aoe situations.
  • Lowered the damage of Executioner's Axe Throw by 25%.

Mehra Admin
Update 2024-04-06

A new feature is live! Custom tasks are now available at Grizzly Adams. The tasks will give plentiful rewards. In this first version we will only release one custom task but plan to add more in the coming days.

New Feature
  • Grizzly Adams now have custom tasks
New Tasks
  • Custom Task: Ebb and Flow
    • Objective: Kill 5000 enemies in the Ebb and Flow are in Soul Wars
    • Reward: 5kk gold, 12kk raw experience, 30 task points
Upcoming Tasks
  • Remaining soul wars seals
  • All gnomprona seals
Mehra Admin


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Update 2024-04-07

Several new custom tasks have been implemented with insane rewards! For example, the gonprona tasks will give you a primal bad on completion!!!

New Custom Tasks:

  • Claustrophobic Inferno
    • Objective: Kill 5000 enemies
    • Reward: 5kk gold, 15kk exp, 30 task points
  • Rotten Wasteland
    • Objective: Kill 5000 enemies
    • Reward: 5kk gold, 15kk exp, 30 task points
  • Furious Crater
    • Objective: Kill 5000 enemies
    • Reward: 5kk gold, 15kk exp, 30 task points
  • Sparkling Pool
    • Objective: Kill 3000 enemies
    • Reward 10kk exp, 1 primal bag,30 task points
  • Monster Graveyard
    • Objective: Kill 3000 enemies
    • Reward 10kk exp, 1 primal bag,30 task points
  • Crystal Enigma
    • Objective: Kill 3000 enemies
    • Reward 10kk exp, 1 primal bag,30 task points
  • Asuras
    • Objective: Kill 3000 enemies
    • Reward 1kk gold, 1.5kk exp, 30 task points
  • True Asuras
    • Objective: Kill 3000 enemies
    • Reward 3kk gold, 4.5kk exp, 30 task points
  • Secret Library
    • Objective: Kill 3000 enemies
    • Reward 4kk gold, 9kk exp, 30 task points

Mehra Admin
Update 2024-03-10

New tasks:

  • Court of Winter
  • Court of Summer
  • Flimsys


  • Rookgard has been turned into a zone of chaos where the boosted create roam from the hazard feature events
  • Task kill calculations have been optimized to provide fluid gameplay

Mehra Admin
Update 2024-03-13

Developers Note:

For a long time Knights have been dealing way more damage than any other vocation. This influenced us looking into the damage values from real tibia in order to compare with our server. The goal was to buff spells that were underperforming. Below is the compiled list of changes per vocation.


All damage was caclulated using the following constraints:

  • Player level 1000
  • Magic level
    • 100 for mages
    • 35 for paladins
  • Distance skill 100


  • Great Fire Wave damage increased by 11.6%
  • Rage of the Skies damage increased by 12%


  • Strong Ice Wave damage increased by 4.2%
  • Eternal Winter damage increased by 13.6%
  • Wrath of Nature damage increased by 15.7%


All knight spells seems to be balanced as of now. No further Changes.


  • Divine Caldera damage increased by 11%
  • Diamond Arrow damage increased by 3%
  • Divine Grenade damage increased by 10%


  • Stone Shower increased damage (same as GFB/Avalanche)
  • Thunderstorm increased damage (same as GFB/Avalanche)
Final Note:

Most of the changes will lead to better scaling with skill/magic level, i.e., the damage increase percentage is larger with higher skill/magic level.

Mehra Admin
Update 2024-03-15


This weekend we have exp and rapid respawn (25%) as well as a boss loot (100%) active. Enjoy getting some extra items and boss loot!

Critical fixes​

  • Fixed an issue where 2-handed weapons was equipable in wrong hand
  • Fixed an issue where quivers where equipable in wrong hand
  • Fixed an issue where jewelry gave 2x attributes on equip but only removed 1x attributes on unequip causing people to get infinite skill on equp/unequip.
Mehra Admin

New feature: Hazard Origin​

While hunting in hazard zones you may now encounter a new event from the pod. It can spawn a portal to the Hazard Origins. This place is a gauntlet where monsters will continously swarm you in order to take you down. You may stay in this zone for 10 minutes and while slaying enemies here you may ecounter a new feature - Uber Bosses!

New feature: Uber Bosses​

While slaying enemies in the Hazard Origin there is a chance that a Uber boss event may spawn. This is a server wide event where all players can participate. The encounter is scaled around the number of participants. Available bosses are:

  • Balrog
  • Death Lord Athelstan
  • Hellchaser Heip


New boss: Hellchaser Heip​

This is a new custom boss that will be extremely challenging to take down. If you succeed you may be lucky enough to get a Bag You Covet.


Other changes​

  • Added hazard in Oramond Catacombs
  • New talkaction: !magicshield for mages. The talkaction cost 1 silver token and is a replacement for the potion since it is bugged. Cooldown of 2 seconds.
Mehra Admin
Update UE and Origin

  • If you do not enter origin within 30 seconds the portal will reset
  • If you exit origin it will reset and
  • Once Origin is reset it will immediately be available for other players
  • Slightly buffed dmg on Eternal Winter
  • Changed all group cooldown spells that where 4 seconds down to 2 seconds (will mostly impact mage UE)

Mehra Admin
Do not recommend this server. Giving hes friend GM char, tping himself here and there, destroying gameplay for other players making them die on endgame boss. Aswell been giving away free tcs to hes friend, so its not fair gameplay on this server. He told me himself that he been giving away free tcs for a long time for hes friend. Unfair edge if you ask me. He aswell let hes friend abuse a spawn which gave 3-4x times of what you could get from other spawns. And when other players did it he removed levels from them. Banned from server after i killed admin on hes play character haha
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Update Sanguine items and Uber Boss chance in Origin

  • All sanguine items have been implemented
  • Strong impact gives a 10% boost to spell damage
  • Fierce Impact gives a 20% boost to spell damage
  • Crit damage has been converted to a flat 5% boost to spell damage
  • Avatar cooldown reduced by 15 minutes
  • Uber boss chance in Hazard Origin scales with hazard level. Initial chance is 1 in 500. Each hazard level decreases the chance by 10. So on hazard 10 you have 1 in 400 and on hazard 20 you have 1 in 300.
  • When hazard portal is removed enemies will stay around until defeated

Mehra Admin
Update and fixes

  • Party buffs lasts 30 minutes
  • Buffs from Mastermind, Berserk and Bullseye potion lasts 30 minutes
  • Fixed an issue where pods spawned too often in rookgard
  • Fixed an issue with uber boss timers
  • Fixed an issue with hazard portals spawning too close

Mehra Admin

  • Added Hazard to Soulwars [feature]
  • Increased size of exeta res to make it more reliable [balance]
  • Added grand sanguine items to bag you covet [fix]
  • Lowered drop chance of bag you covet from Hellchaser Heip [balance]

Mehra Admin

  • Increased damage of Eternal Winter by 20% [balance]
  • Increased damage of Strong Ice Wave by 30% - 40% [balance]
  • Increased damage of Twin Burst by 20% [balance]
  • Added Bosspoints to all custom tasks [feature]
Planned update
  • Use bosspoints to open uber boss portals [feature]

Mehra Admin

  • Druids ring is now refilled to correct version [fix]
  • Druid Eternal Winter damage boost gem [fix, need server maintenance]
  • Lowered speed on Heip [balance]
  • Lowered damage on some Heip abilities [balance]

Planned server maintenance

We will have server maintenance in order to deploy a fix to druid gems. Scheduled during tomorrow morning. Will announce 15-30 minutes before. Anticipated downtime is 5-10 minutes.

Mehra Admin
More updates!

  • Added more uber bosses
  • Chance for harder uber bosses scale even more with monster health
  • Chance for uber boss scale with hp of enemy past a certain hp treshold
  • Added hazard in leveling tower since new players tends to go there (so they can experience the hazard function)

Mehra Admin

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