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C++ TFS 1.2 Non stop debugs


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Aug 31, 2010
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I have problem with debugs but I don't know when they appear I have detected them in POI but later I have create monster in city and the same, when I make e.g 1 demon and 1 lich going to nothing but when I make Demon and Undead Dragon, then after 3-4 secound when they goin to attack I got debugs,


Its a 8.0 Distro.

Ok I think there are problem with monster Undead Dragon he maked something on my character what debug him because when got debug I have restarted server and after restart I'm login on character and after 1 second got debug till to character die maybe someone can check this monster lua

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<monster name="Undead Dragon" nameDescription="an undead dragon" race="undead" experience="7200" speed="250" manacost="0">
    <health now="8350" max="8350"/>
    <look type="231" corpse="6306"/>
    <targetchange interval="4000" chance="10"/>
        <flag summonable="0"/>
        <flag attackable="1"/>
        <flag hostile="1"/>
        <flag illusionable="1"/>
        <flag convinceable="0"/>
        <flag pushable="0"/>
        <flag canpushitems="1"/>
        <flag canpushcreatures="1"/>
        <flag targetdistance="1"/>
        <flag staticattack="70"/>
        <flag runonhealth="300"/>
        <attack name="melee" interval="2000" skill="90" attack="96"/>
        <attack name="physical" interval="2000" chance="5" range="7" radius="4" target="1" min="-300" max="-400">
            <attribute key="areaEffect" value="redspark"/>
        <attack name="physical" interval="2000" chance="10" range="7" min="-125" max="-600">
            <attribute key="shootEffect" value="death"/>
            <attribute key="areaEffect" value="mortarea"/>
        <attack name="earth" interval="2000" chance="5" range="7" radius="4" target="1" min="-100" max="-390">
            <attribute key="shootEffect" value="poison"/>
            <attribute key="areaEffect" value="poison"/>
        <attack name="earth" interval="2000" chance="15" target="1" range="7" min="-0" max="-180">
            <attribute key="shootEffect" value="poison"/>
            <attribute key="areaEffect" value="poison"/>
        <attack name="earth" interval="2000" chance="10" length="8" spread="3" min="-150" max="-690">
            <attribute key="areaEffect" value="poison"/>
        <attack name="lifedrain" interval="2000" chance="10" length="8" spread="3" min="-300" max="-700">
            <attribute key="areaEffect" value="redshimmer"/>
        <attack name="lifedrain" interval="2000" chance="10" radius="3" min="-100" max="-200">
            <attribute key="areaEffect" value="redshimmer"/>
        <attack name="undead dragon curse" interval="2000" chance="10"/>
    <defenses armor="40" defense="40">
        <defense name="healing" interval="2000" chance="15" min="200" max="250">
            <attribute key="areaEffect" value="blueshimmer"/>
        <immunity fire="1"/>
        <immunity earth="1"/>
        <immunity paralyze="1"/>
        <immunity invisible="1"/>
        <immunity drown="1"/>
    <voices interval="5000" chance="10">
        <voice sentence="FEEEED MY ETERNAL HUNGER!" yell="1"/>
        <voice sentence="I SENSE LIFE" yell="1"/>
        <item id="2148" countmax="100" chance="35500"/><!-- gold coin -->
        <item id="2148" countmax="98" chance="55500"/><!-- gold coin -->
        <item id="6500" chance="12460"/><!-- demonic essence -->
        <item id="2152" countmax="5" chance="52000"/><!-- platinum coin -->
        <item id="6300" chance="1150"/><!-- death ring -->
        <item id="2033" chance="6002"/><!-- golden mug -->
        <item id="2547" countmax="15" chance="15190"/><!-- power bolt -->
        <item id="7430" chance="4000"/><!-- dragonbone staff -->
        <item id="2476" chance="5500"/><!-- knight armor -->
        <item id="2177" chance="2500"/><!-- life crystal -->
        <item id="5925" chance="14180"/><!-- hardened bone -->
        <item id="2498" chance="1720"/><!-- royal helmet -->
        <item id="2454" chance="1290"/><!-- war axe -->
        <item id="2146" countmax="2" chance="28370"/><!-- small sapphires -->
        <item id="7368" countmax="5" chance="26650"/><!-- assassin stars -->
        <item id="7402" chance="860"/><!-- dragon slayer -->
        <item id="2144" countmax="2" chance="22780"/><!-- black pearls -->
        <item id="2466" chance="860"/><!-- golden armor -->

Can Close ! There are problem with lifedrain of this monster what wasn't at 8.0.

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