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The state of this community


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Nov 22, 2010
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idk if you noticed, but discord servers are far more friendly than the forums plus they allow more control over PRIVATE messages and posts. Can't really blame the users that got sick from being deplatformed over some stupid shit on both br and international communities.

Regarding the servers, rl maps newest client is just what sells. The community is constantly aging. Everyone who hosted old servers either maximized the profits and went full rl map reset monthly or quit to do real life stuff. When we all reach retirement age irl, expect the passion projects to reappear.

Regarding code sharing, people stopped for three big reasons:
  • demand lowered (rl map scripts go to github repo now)
  • money got involved
  • otland admins got greedy for our content and forbid mods from removing threads upon requests

Because of these three, discord combined with github just became a better medium for the growth of ot development. What forums can give you now is a chance for server advertisement and that's all.