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Team Two team members hiring for 8.60 custom evo map

5lave Ots

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Oct 2, 2017
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good afternoon
I'm gonna startup my project soon and i found that i got a lot of things todo to satisfy my goal
so i cant handle everything alone, ill need pro mapper, not professional with LUA just the main basis, and an over thought with the whole server combinations
my OTs is a custom medium EXP 860, i been designed it for more than 3 years and now i cant get it 100% ready alone because everyday i got new idea to stick it out <3
so ill need a permanent team members with me
the requires should be nice mapping skills as i mentioned, and a little LUA and CPP knowledge to find out the errors with a nice brainwaves
we have to finish the main city with uniquely roads and houses, maintain the hidden quests on it, make about 10 story long quests for the donation items,
finish something with compiling the distro again, check the whole lua files , the whole storages duplication, and the whole items one by one to ensure the 100% free bugs looted, and much more on my sticky notes, it will be not an easy job todo but it will be much worth in return
thanks at all <3
other screens: contact: Slave-OTs#5260


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