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[United States][Custom] August 13th 2022 - New Fresh Start World Abaldar - ArchlightOnline

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Apr 29, 2021
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Abaldar will be going offline this Friday, August 5th for Maintenance to prepare for the new Season.
Full Abaldar Content Notes & Teasers will go live this Friday as well. New Abaldar Season goes live on August 13th
(Special Note, this is a Saturday Morning Launch, not the usual Friday Morning)
abaldar launch.png


Apr 29, 2021
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abaldar launch (1).png
The Second Abaldar Season Starts:

August 13th - 9:00am Pacific Time | 12:00pm Eastern Time | 13:00 BRT | 18:00 CEST

Character Creation Opens:

August 7th - 9:00am Pacific Time | 12:00pm Eastern Time | 13:00 BRT | 18:00 CEST


● Olympus content, as well as Kraken and Forgemaster equipment are things that a very small part of the community reaches, yet new endgame content is consistently requested. With the coming of Darkness Olympus, we have decided to make the obtention of said equipment and the arrival to Olympus quicker and easier, so Darkness Olympus becomes the true endgame. This doesn't mean that the season will be sped up, as we have a long list of changes below, but it means that the content that before was considered a late game grind, will no longer be. Here are the changes made to achieve our goals:

● Forgotten Islands progression has been revamped. It no longer "locks" players under cooldown to achieve the Exploration Reputation to reach the next island. More information about this below.

● Delay between Raids has been reduced by half. This means raids will be far more common.

● Removed the cooldown from Raid Boss Dungeons. Players may use as many tokens as they want to farm shards.

● Players must only complete missions and exploration missions once in order to have access to the Raid Boss Dungeon, no longer having to complete every task multiple times only to enter it.

● To Prestige, the Awakening Level requirement has been increased to 100 instead of 150 per Prestige level. Every 5 Prestige levels, the Awakening Level requirement is increased by 50. Here's an example table (it continues to increase even past the levels described in this example table):

Prestige 0: 500

Prestige 1: 600

Prestige 2: 700

Prestige 3: 800

Prestige 4: 900

Prestige 5: 1050

Prestige 6: 1200

Prestige 7: 1350

Prestige 8: 1500

Prestige 9: 1650

Prestige 10: 1850

Prestige 11: 2050

Prestige 12: 2250

Prestige 13: 2450

Prestige 14: 2650

Prestige 15: 2900

● To help with the more frequent Prestiging, Sigil Dungeons will now grant 5 Dungeon Medals per Sigil Level upon claim.

● Heavily Rebalanced rifts

● Now every creature category will give the same amount of experience to every rift.

● Increased the experience given by tasks severely.

● Increased the experience, loot and health strength at higher power brackets. That is, the reward from Monster Essences will be far better now.

● Darkness hunts have been re-balanced, with more information under the "Balancement" section.

● Raids are now enforced PvP.

● Player death by monsters will now also result in Awakening Level loss. Gold Blessing decreases the experience lost by 75%.

● Fixed an issue where players could join party but not share experience and get the full essence for themselves in dimensional party hunts.

● Attack Power Boost Potions can no longer be obtained through Loot Crates, but they have been added to Dungeon Boxes and Quest Boxes. Higher the tier of the box, higher the chance and amount.

● Potions are still available through the Archlight Token NPC.

● Surging Gems now require a sacrifice of an Overcharged Gem of the same type. That is, upon using a Surging Gem and choosing the type of gem you wish to obtain, an Overcharged Gem of the same type must be in the player's inventory for it to be properly transformed.

● Renamed Inferno Gems Physical Damage attribute to Auto Attack Damage.

● Possessed Young Devils and Possessed Devils, as well as Possessed Dragonlings and Possessed Dragons tasks have been merged into one each.

● Removed PvP Rank from player inspect.

Forgotten Islands


● Removed Exploration Reputation.

● To unlock the next island, players must complete all missions and exploration missions from the island once. To access Kraken Defense Navy, players must complete Blackridge.

● Exploration missions consist of killing a requested amount of each creature in the island.

● Several spawns have been changed to allow better huntability and proper spacing while doing the exploration missions.


● Minerva's Isle is a special island for exploration missions, since each stage of the missions unlocks a new access of the island. This has been done because the access used to be locked behind exploration reputation.

● To unlock Olympus, players must complete Azmar Sands, which requires completing every other island.

● There's no cooldown/waiting time to do the exploration missions, players are the ones who get to control when they progress through Forgotten Islands content.

● The regular tasks still exist, they reward players with Forgotten Gold.

● Missions only need to be done once to unlock progress, but they can be done multiple times to receive Forgotten Gold.

● Bounty Hunter NPC has been removed (NPC that used to trade Forgotten Gold for Exploration Reputation).

● The Forgotten Widow has a chance to spawn once in a random time within 23 hours after the server has been booted up. The Forgotten Widow spawn in a random position in the Minerva's Isle spiders nest. Killing it will grant the player the mount.

Quality of Life/Bug Fixes

Character Panel


● Added Attack Power category, which has information about:






Strong Potions


Base Damage Increase

● Added Vocation category, which has information about:

Weapon Damage

Primary Stat

Cap Attack Speed

Base Attack Speed

Health Gain Per Level

Mana Gain Per Level

● Added Damage Buffs information under Combat category, which shows the player the percentual damage increase they have in their character (from buffs, Soulhunter Backpack, etc).

● Added "Experience Boost" under Miscellaneous category. It shows the total amount of Experience Boost items the player is currently under.

● Players below level 500 will only lose a dungeon charge upon collecting the reward. Quitting from the on-going dungeon will also make them lose the charge.

● Players can now use multiple Gold Nuggets in Prisons, which will increase the difficulty and reward by the amount of Gold Nuggets sacrificed. Players choose the amount on entrance.


● Players will be able to join Events, Rifts and World Bosses from any part of the world, as long as they are not inside of an instance (quest, dungeons, wargates, etc) and have not engaged in PvP combat recently.

● Right-clicking the popup closes it. Upon clicking the top-left button "Notifications", players will have access to all their notifications. This window also holds a button called "Show Active Events". Clicking it will trigger the popup to join the event of every event that is currently active. Due to that, events teleports have been removed.

● This notification system also notifies Raid bosses, though these may not be joined through the popup; their entrance has not been changed.

● A new category under "Options" called "Notifications" has been added. There, players can configure what kind of notifications they want to receive.

● A notification will pop up on the screen, showing the timer to start the event. Left-clicking the notification icon, the player will be able to choose to join the event.


● Through minimap, players will be able to see the position of every party member (it shows their current outfit). There's also a button to center the screen on a member of your choice.

● Summons damage and healing will now be properly shown to their master on Server Log. Added option to show summon damage on options.

● Journeyman's Trinket can now be consumed, yielding permanently 15% more crafting experience and 20% less energy consumption. It can still be equipped, but it no longer provides power.

● Added a minimum range of 2 for summons to attack/heal. That is, even if the master is a melee, the summon will attack/heal from 2 tiles of distance from their master/target.

● Added two new filter options on the battle window: "Show only party members" and "Show only bosses".

● Frost Shield can now be used on Heal Bot with the "Use on self" function.

● Wand of Jorus has been added to Rare Goods Collector NPC, to be exchanged for Awakening Experience.

● Increased the chance to drop bones from Olympus Medusa and Hades missions.

● Reduced the amount of kills required for Blackstone creatures from feats from 600 to 200.

● Increased the chance of summoning the God Oasis Reptile monster on the Bees Ballroom Azmar mission from 15% to 40%.

● Added Loot Slime chance and Resistance bounty bonuses.

● Mailing a player that doesn't exist will no longer drop the parcel into the mailbox.

● Disabled pushing players from a non-protected zone to a protection zone.

● Hotkeys that are also typing keys (letters, numbers and special characters) will no longer be triggered if the chat is enabled. This is to prevent executing hotkeys unintendedly while typing.

● Added an option to swap console tabs upon receiving a new private message. By default, it is enabled.

● Hitting enter on emote auto-complete will now only insert the emote into the current message, instead of sending it directly. Also, players may now navigate through the emote window by pressing up and down arrow keys.

● Added a confirm window to a few market actions.

● Players will now be notified when a buy/sell offer is executed on market.

● Added !partyMembers command. It shows all members names and who is the party leader.

● Inspecting an artifact will now show the daily amount of experience obtained and that can be obtained. With that, the daily experience limit has been increased with the outfits, since before it was only adding less towards the limit than to the artifact. Practically, nothing has changed, but it's easier to visualize and calculate now.

● Fixed an issue on Forgemaster Raid Boss Dungeon where the boss/player sometimes could get stuck while returning to the initial position, due to summons.

● Removed Otherworld "War" creatures from bounty.

● Temporary Ravenous Fiend will now properly work on dimensions.

● Team Boss Arena tab will now be properly shown on Quest Log if it's available.

● Awakening Experience messages have had their values fixed. That is, the value that the message says will correspond to the value the player got.

● Increased the experience given by Premium Tasker tasks.

● Reduced Solo Darksteel monsters damage by 55%. Reduced Darksteel Boss damage by 40%.


● As promised, furnitures are now available on the Living Token Exchanger for 1 LAT each, instead of 4. They are not heirloom.

● Living Archlight Token Shop items and Promotion Token Shop items that were previously on the store for points have been moved to their correspondent NPC as players will now receive Promotion Tokens alongside their Archlight Coins from Abaldar Season 1 Donations.

● Auto Looting Backpack: this backpack collects every loot dropped in any monster's corpse that's not on your auto loot list. It has 100 slots and it costs 2 LATs. By having regular backpacks inside of it, players can "extend" the amount of slots. It is not heirloom.


● Void Backpack has been added to the Living Token Exchanger NPC, for 4 LATs. It is not heirloom.


Crafted with the heart of darkness, this backpack was surely made to endure. Through legends passed down, whoever the holder may be, will have the opportunity to cheat death on several occasions. Evidentially dark matter is attracted by it, a 15% increase on dark matter finding will be evaluated by its holder.

This backpacks benefits can be used in any backpack slot and do not require the main slot.

● Attck Power: +20

● Dark Matter: +15%

● Resistance: +5%

Archpass - Season 2

● Poppy Ibex [Level 50]


● Fire Fighter Outfit [Level 100]



All players to reach Awakening

● Cunning Hyaena


First 70 players to obtain 200 achievement points

● Breezy Garb


First 60 players to obtain 300 achievement points

● Giant Beaver (Mount)


All players to obtain 500 achievement points

● Fleeting Knowledge


First 50 players to slay Hades

● Royal Costume Outfits


First 45 players to slay Hydra

● Revenant Outfits


First 60 players to Slay Darkness Hades

● Crystalline Corrupted Wings


First 50 players to slay Darkness Hydra

● Corrupted Aura


PvP Trader


Added new outfits to the PvP Trader:

● Golden Outfit


● First part of the addon costs 10k PvP honor.

● Second part of the addon can be obtained through darkness content.

● Ascending Ferumbras Outfit [7.5k PvP honor]

Mounting is blocked while wearing this outfit.


● Ferumbras Soul Splinter [7.5k PvP honor]

Mounting is blocked while wearing this outfit.


● Energized Raging Mage [5k PvP honor]

Mounting is blocked while wearing this outfit.


● Izcandar Champion of Summer [5k PvP honor]

Mounting is blocked while wearing this outfit.


● Citizen of Issavi Outfit [6k PvP Honor]


Siege Commander Shop Additions


● Ashens Dust Token Exchange

● This item exchanges the stat from your weapon that has an Ashen Dust. The equipment must be soulbound to the player using the token.

● Marius Bonus Token Exchange

● This item exchanges the stat from your equipment that has a Marius Bonus. The equipment must be soulbound to the player using the token.

● Auto Loot Slot Increase Token

● This item increases your total amount of auto loot slots by +5 per use. There's no limit of how many can be used.

● Wargates Daily Threshold Increase Token

● This item increases the daily amount of creatures that can be killed receiving full experience by +20. You can use up to 10 of these, capping at +200 threshold.

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New Content

Darkness Olympus

● New Darkness Set and Darkness Weapons. These have an upgrade cap of 50, instead of the previous equipment which were 40.


● The 5 Olympus bosses will each have its Darkness version.

● Dark Euryale unlocks at Prestige 11.

● Dark Stheno unlocks at Prestige 12.

● Dark Medusa unlocks at Prestige 13.

● Dark Hades unlocks at Prestige 14.

● Dark Hydra unlocks at Prestige 15.




● Each island has a darkness hunt which is unlocked upon killing the Darkness boss. There's also a second darkness hunt inside of it, which is unlocked upon killing the Hydra. One of the rewards of killing the Hydra is a task of killing monsters inside the second darkness hunt, which unlocks the next island. Completing every island’s tasks will grant the player a special reward.
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● Players will only have 5 attempts per day on each boss fight.

● Minimum 4 players and maximum 10 players per instance.

● There will be debuffs upon entering Darkness Olympus (both boss fight and hunts) if the player is missing equipment.

● Each missing Surging Gem increases damage taken by 10%. They must have a total of 48 Surging Gems to not take any extra damage.

● Each missing Darkness Weapon increases damage taken by 300%.

● Each missing Darkness Set increases damage taken by 100%.

● The Darkness Olympus Boss Fights are the very end-game, at this point of the game, players don't need to get any stronger in order to hunt. Due to that, most of the Darkness Olympus Bosses rewards are related to PvP.

● Darkness Shards can be found while defeating Darkness creatures and are useful to craft special items on Aaron. These are the items which will corrupt your weapons, armors and jewelry into their Darkness version.

● Darkness Olympus Weapons and Darkness Set Pieces can be upgraded up until level 50. Each upgrade level past level 40 grants more bonuses than the previous levels. The Dark Stone, which is required to upgrade past level 40, can be crafted with Aaron.

● Darkness Olympus Amulet and Darkness Olympus Ring unlock one bonus every 2 stages, up to 5 bonuses.

● Defeating a Darkness Olympus boss grants a Dark Gem, which bonus is random, but tier is related to the boss defeated. Lower the tier, higher the bonus, being the strongest Tier 1 and weakest Tier 5.​
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● 3 Dark Gems of the same tier and bonus can be fused into one of one tier higher.

● 3 Dark Gems of the same tier and different bonuses can be fused into one of a different bonus.

● Dark Gems bonuses are only triggered on PvP and have no use on PvE.

● Darkness Bonuses (the bonuses granted by Dark Gems) can be mimicked off.

● Only Darkness Weapons and Darkness Set Pieces can hold a Darkness Bonus.

● Darkness Olympus Amulet and Darkness Olympus Ring can each hold one bonus.

● To unlock a Dark Gem slot on your equipment, players must use a Dark Key on it. It has a 100% chance to succeed and may be crafted by Aaron.

● Darkness Otherworld creatures have a small chance of dropping a special backpack, each having one special PvP bonus. The bonus is active by having the backpack in the inventory, not being necessary to equip it.

Secret Maps

secret maps 2.png
● Maps can be done solo or in group.

● To do maps in a group, players will have to talk to an NPC to sync their maps, so it points towards the same entrance.

● There is a level requirement of 500 to join a Secret Map.

● Limited to 10 players maximum.

● There are 4 rarities for these maps: Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary.

● Higher the rarity, higher the difficulty and reward.

● The difficulty of the map will be dictated by the power of those entering it. Both the rarity and the power weight in the reward.

● Secret Maps will point to random setup spots in the Archlight World, using the same logic as the Maps used to pinpoint the location of darkness dimensional hunts.

● To claim the reward, players must kill every creature inside the Secret Map and kill the boss that will appear after doing so.

● Common, Rare and Epic maps will always transform the area around the entrance into a special dungeon. Legendary maps have their own instance, being separated from the world map.

● Players may enhance their Secret Map's rarity by sacrificing 2 or maps.

● Example: you have 2 Epic Maps, one is used to be enhanced and one is used to be sacrificed, having 33% chance to enhance it to Legendary. By sacrificing 2, you have 66% chance to enhance it. By sacrificing 3, you have a 100% chance to enhance it.

For the full Content Notes please visit
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Apr 29, 2021
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Character Creation for Abaldar Fresh Start is NOW OPEN

chr creation.png

Someone say free bonuses on donations?
Donations made from now until August 13th will come with 3 / 7 Cursed Tomes as an additional bonus. These Cursed Tomes can be opened for Secret Maps!
This has been asked a lot, many already clearly know, but Donations are indeed Open already for the new Abaldar Season! Any donations made now will be sitting waiting for you for when you login on Launch!
These bonuses to your donations are available as long as they are visible on the donation window on our website
In some additional news... Tomorrow we will have a classic launch contest announced for free Coins... Stay tuned (It will be posted here)
Haven't created your character yet for Abaldar? What are you waiting for! https://abaldar.archlightonline.com/myacc.../createcharacter



Apr 29, 2021
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We're excited to announce we will be doing a huge throwback competition, a "Show us your Abaldar set-up competition!"

You can now download the updated Abaldar Client here - ArchlightOnline - Free 2.5d MMORPG (https://abaldar.archlightonline.com/downloads) - Simply take a picture of your fully loaded Abaldar launch setup with the Abaldar client open on your screen! Show us those energy drinks, snacks, and whatever you have prepared to fully no life Abaldars launch on Saturday!

Pictures must all be in by Friday @ 12:00pm Pacific Time.
You can DM the pictures directly to myself (Fluffy) on discord! We will select 2 winners by Friday 2:00pm Pacific Time to win 1 of 3 $100 coin packs for your account for Saturdays New Season Launch! The contest is evaluated more on the preparedness than fanciness (edited)
unknown (2).png


Apr 29, 2021
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Abaldar launches in 2 hours....

Doors will open in less than 1 hour for character preparation, but depot opens in 2 hours as official "Launch", so you can already start preparig energy drinks for the BIG weekend we are about to get into.

Haven't created a character yet?? What are you waiting for? ArchlightOnline - Free 2.5d MMORPG (https://abaldar.archlightonline.com/register)
Additional patch notes has been posted already on abaldar's site


Apr 29, 2021
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2nd day and still rising
11:36 New record: 461 players are logged in

ArchlightOnline - Free 2.5d MMORPG (https://abaldar.archlightonline.com/)

We also would like to congratulate the winners of the "Show us your Launch Setup" Competition.
We have chosen 4 winners instead of 3! The first three will both receive $100 bundles, the 4th place winner will receive a $50 bundle as a runner up. These we're voted anonymously amongst the Archlight Dev Team (and a couple extras). 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th in order of displayed!
We had a lot of applicants! Sorry if yours didn't win this time

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Apr 29, 2021
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Changelog 8/15

● Added !druidForms command, which toggles between enabled/disabled, being the default enabled. If enabled, players will transform into the animal's form outfit upon casting any animal form abillity. If disabled, their outfit will not change.

● Fixed issue with Druid's Animal Form awakening effect, where Merlkin Form and Cat Form effects wouldn't continue to proc on login/logout or world change.

● Fixed entrance to Cave Behemonth Secret Map.

● Fixed amount of Dark Tortures needed for stat point task.

● Fixed Soulbound Rune Soil description.

● Fixed Soulbound Exchange promotion token items on Tanning Station.

● Added Wargates Currency to Dark Matter shop. The price is 5 Dark Matter per Wargates Currency.

● Disabled Cupcake Relic's healing bonus. No item on cosmetic shop is supposed to have bonuses on Abaldar, as previously mentioned.​


Apr 29, 2021
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Changelog 8/15

● Fixed Shisui Blade applying a Dexterity buff instead of Strength.

● Fixed an issue with Daily Profession Reset Token.

● Fiexd an issue where the "Cards" Awakening Effect wasn't being required in order to execute the cards combos. It was only requiring the player to be a Card Master.

● Fixed Druid Forms disappearing upon exiting a Secret Map.

● Added Secret Map synchronization system. A pop-up will appear upon clicking on the entrance of the secret map if the player is in a party, asking if the other members want to synchronize their map with the player clicking on it. If accepted, players will join the secret map together. Maps must be of the same rarity and members must be within 20 tiles away of the entrance.​


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Jan 4, 2009
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Zapotlán del Rey, Jalisco, México.
Overwhelming content and in the end you are doing the same teamhunt looping game formula of every nowdays server, the formula works for this era but... I can't say I enjoy this server. I tried it for a while but wasn't my style at all. Yet I'm amazed with the custom sprites! Wish ya Best of Luck! People love your project guys! : )


Apr 29, 2021
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Patch notes august 19th

As of this patch, anytime you prestige you will receive a free Legendary Map. (Players with previous prestiges will receive Legendary Maps in their mailboxes for the prestiges they've already made)
Additionally, some of you will have already noticed a chest has been added in the Depot.
This chest will give 5 Free Legendary Keys & Crates to anyone who opens it (requires awakening 200+). It will be there for 1 week after which it will be removed. Also in today's patch we made a handful of changes.
1. Cursed Tomes are no longer available from the LAT Shop.
2. The gold amount from Legendary Keys has been increased.
3. Ancient Books will now have a 50% higher chance to drop from content and Cursed Tomes will now have a 10% chance to contain a Legendary Map instead of 2%.
4. The result of yesterday's survey regarding the amount of creatures kill required for each Exploration Mission was loud and clear: 64.5% of the votes were under "Reduce the amount by 50%". And so we did. Every Exploration Mission has had its creatures kill amount required reduced by half.
5. Otherworld Wraiths have been removed from Darkness Otherworld Hunts.
6. Reduced the price from Flippers from 1500 to 300 Forgotten Gold, since it will be required for Forgotten Coves Creatures Exploration Mission. Lastly, Legendary Key Packs are now 2 for the price of 1 from the LAT Shop! We do not know how long we will keep this for. (edited)



Apr 29, 2021
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● Drawing “Bust” from Corsair’s Gamble will no longer overwrite the current bonuses.

● Bounces from Bouncing Card will no longer count towards “hit effects” card combos.

● Reduced damage from “Fire + Energy” Card Combo from 75% to 50% of the original damage.

● Combo Effects damage will now be based off the scaled damage instead of the base.


● Fixed an issue with Wolf’s Guaranteed Awakening Effect, where it was supposed to grant +0.5% of damage per point, instead, it was granting +5% of damage per point.


● Reduced Shisui Blade’s Strength bonus from +10% to +5%.

● Reduced Tiger Blade - Tiger’s Quickness awakening effect dodge chance from 25% to 20% and the duration from 5 seconds to 2 seconds.

● Reduced the base effectiveness of the Strength bonus from Hell Artifact [Tiger Blade] from 5% to 2%.


● The diminishing returns on Stats has been changed to be much lighter. That is, now your Primary Stat Points, when it comes to damage, will be more impactful.

● Fixed an issue with Medusa’s Statue, where it was being created twice.

● Removed Treasure Chest giving away 5 Legendary Keys and Crates from depot.

● Players will have attempts at Ritual Lords now. Upon failure, players may try to defeat another Ritual Lord, but the reward will be half of the sacrifice compared to the previous attempt. That is, if one sacrifices 10kk, they will get a reward of 5kk, due to having failed the previous attempt.

● The Wargates bracket will be the same as it was before the change on Bounty. Bounty brackets still have Abaldar’s special brackets.

● Players may now “!quit” from a World Boss instance.

● Fixed an issue where the “Full Character Window” wasn’t properly opening.

● Fixed an issue where Emotes would appear even while not isolated.

● Fixed an issue with Secret Map fusions.

● Updated how opacity/transparency works on the client: it will now only apply it to the window and its background, but it will ignore the essential parts of the window, such as text, icons and scrollbars.

Darkness Otherworlds Quest

● Reduced Spirit’s stats to match other monsters (health, damage, defense and experience).

● Added dialogue to NPCs with hints for the quest.

● Removed healing from 4 Wraith bosses.


Anniversary Event - 2022

To celebrate Archlights 7th Anniversary, we have prepared a new and improved Anniversary Event with lots of new goodies for you all to enjoy!

● The old "cake eating" event will still be active, giving players boxes to open and get decoration items, as well as the 7th anniversary backpack [18 attack power, 5% resistance].


● While killing monsters, there will be a chance of dropping a “cake essence”! Players must type “!cake” to grab it, being able to collect up to 5 charges. While in a protection zone, players may type “!cake event” to join the Cake Eating Event, where they must eat as much cake as they possibly can, in order to spawn Anniversary Monsters, which drop cake boxes!

● In the next seasons, both Abaldar and Legacy, we will be adding a “Seasonal Event Token”, which will be able to be collected in-game. This token can be used to exchange with an NPC that will be added to the Stronghold, which will offer players items from past Seasonal Events, which are not heirloom. As mentioned, this NPC is not being added this season, but we wanted to announce it now so the community is aware that these items that have bonuses and are not heirloom will come back next season.

● During the Anniversary Event, regular events (like TDM, Bombs, Firestorm, etc) will grant players Anniversary Cupcakes, which can be exchanged for items with the NPC Toby, which will be at the Anniversary Island. Players that score better on events will receive more Anniversary Cupcakes.

● Any creature killed has a small chance of dropping Anniversary Cupcakes.

● There is a chance of summoning an "anniversary monster" while killing creatures. The bot doesn’t target them, nor they target you, unless you attack first. They have the same behavior as Loot Slimes. Their health is 10% of their killer’s maximum health or mana.

Anniversary Demon


Anniversary Dragon


Anniversary Spider


Killing these creatures will reward the player with the following possible loot:

Anniversary Cupcakes


Fireworks - Celebration effects!


Cake Box


Deluxe Cake Box


Nordic Chieftain Outfits [Very Rare]


Orc's Jaw Shredder

10% additional mana/health regeneration


There's also a rare chance of spawning a Pinata, which besides having the loot table from the regular Anniversary Monsters, also has a chance of dropping the following items:

Extravagant Cake Box


Tearesa [all stats +2] [Rare]


Anniversary Cake [10%+ movement speed, +500 energy once eaten] [Very Rare]


Bottle of Champagne [2% resistance] [Rare]


Forbidden Fruit [+1 to stats, Ultra Rare] - it stacks

[guaranteed drop]


New Hide and Seek event

● Upon start, the Hiders will have one minute to hide, by using a special item into an item of the environment, transforming them into the sprite of said item. After one minute, seekers will have a special item in their inventory which can be used on where they think Hiders could be.

● The Seekers special item has 20 charges and must be recharged at the a “recharging station”, which is placed at the beginning of the map.

● Items have 1 second cooldown to be used again.

● Hiders must be hit twice to be eliminated.

● Seekers have 10 minutes to defeat all hiders.

● Hiders win if there’s at least one Hider alive after 5 minutes. Seekers win if they defeat all Hiders.

● Hiders that have been defeated will become invisible and may not interact with the event, but they can still watch the match.

Living Archlight Token Shop

● Item Shader Token - 1 LAT for 5 tokens

● Apply a shader of your choice to any item from your backpack. This shader doesn’t give anything special to the item, it’s purely for decoration.

● Added Shader Remover Token to the Archlight Token shop, which costs 10 Archlight Tokens. It removes the shader from the item and gives back the Item Shader Token to the player.

● An item that has an Item Shader will lose its “use” functionality, but if this functionality isn’t needed for it to work, it will work as usual. Beware that if the item is removed, the shader will be removed with it, therefore not giving back the Item Shader Token. For example, if you use the Item Shader Token on a Stat Stone, then use it through the UI, the Stat Stone will be removed with the shader. The player will gain 1 stat point as usual, but will lose the Stat Stone and the Item Shader Token.

● These will not be refunded.


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Shannon The Trader

Anniversary Cupcakes - 1 LAT for 50 Anniversary Cupcakes


Deluxe Box - 1 LAT for 25 Deluxe Boxes


Falcon Pet [Furniture] - 2 LAT

Grants 15% profession/gathering experience for 23 hours.


Vengothic Kit [Furniture] - 2 LAT

+15% Dark Matter drop chance

+15% Monster Essence find


Stuffed Dragon [Furniture] - 3 LAT


10% gold from all sources (essences, dropped, loot sold).

15% bonus PVP honor (counts for achievements)

5% chance of extra bonus boxes from dungeons and quests. This works like the feats Treasure Hunter but procs separately, so it doesn't add a chance on top of it, but you may obtain both the Feat and this buff.

Picking this furniture will give you an extra daily reward item that is not soulbound. The item is the same from the daily calendar.

Love Elixir - 4 LAT

Grants permanent resistance [8%]


Anniversary Cupcakes Shop

Cake Boxes [10 Anniversary Cupcakes]


Racoon Backpack [300 Anniversary Cupcakes]

3% resistance

12 attack power

It works as a relic, not needing to equip it in the first slot for the bonus to be active.


Holy Blossom [500 Anniversary Cupcakes]

Increase slime rewards by 5% and increase chances to get a rare slime.


Knightly Bed Kit [Furniture] [500 Anniversary Cupcakes]

It increases your attack power by 20.


Monster Cupcake Mounts [750 Anniversary Cupcakes] - Heirloom

There are 8 versions of this mount, which players can choose upon using the token.

They do not grant any bonuses.



Dec 23, 2011
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🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣nothing p2w about that patch at all , inflation must be hitting the br development team and knighter hard


Apr 29, 2021
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Changelog Sep 6th

● Otherworlds Hunts
- Added Dark Matter on loot.

● Otherworlds Quest
  • Wraith will now cast the "immortal" mechanic up to 3x its maximum life.
  • Reduced health and AoE damage from Dark Wraith.
  • Reduced health from final boss.
  • Reduced by half the damage from boss' summons.
  • Increased the chance from spawning the Vampire while failing every 30 minutes.

● Miscellaneous
- Fixed an issue where players would appear in a different dimension on the cake event.​

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