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[US][7.4] Nostalther Violet | True Reverse Engineered 7.4 | STARTS SEPT 10 2022

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<3 We got a little Rookgaard community here which is friendly and always looking for fresh new adventurers
Players that own a house that they are no longer eligible own will no longer be able to pay rent on that house until they meet the requirements for owning that house. IE If a player owns a guild hall and is not a guild leader OR if a free account player owns a house that has more than 1 bed, is larger than 25 tiles or belongs to Darashia, Ankrahmun or Port Hope, they will not be able to pay rent, even if they have money in their depot.

Further to this, the rent price of most houses has been increased. Currently the house rent price is approximately 50gp per square tile in the house, but this previously did not count walls that can have hanging items, tiles that contained beds, ovens, dustbins, casks, tables or statues. The change in rent prices for houses will be reflected on the website.

This change comes to address the number of houses owned by accounts that have since stopped playing and let their premium time run out, or players that had purchased houses and traded them to players that do not meet the requirements for owning that house.

Some further updates will also be introduced soon for Guilds that will require multiple Vice Leaders to remain active and also free account players will soon no longer be able to benefit from offline regen from sleeping in beds.

These changes are coming in as there are a number of accounts currently taking advantage of the situation. These accounts will now need to contribute back into the economy by purchasing premium account from from the shop or trading other players.

Limited time offer. Register, Join our Discord and create a ticket to receive 1 week free premium for signing up.

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demons behavior looks strange i have never seen in the quest in real tibia that they changed or turn around looking at the wall shile they are attacking a player
That's the correct behavior actually. They did turn around a lot in real Tibia because of retargetting and taking aggro on the spectators standing behind the walls to the west and south. In fact, those spectators always made the quest a little easier.
demons behavior looks strange i have never seen in the quest in real tibia that they changed or turn around looking at the wall shile they are attacking a player
If people are standing close enough, such as over where the hunter is, or in the lever room, Demons will have a small change of retargeting to those players and turn briefly to face them.

If other players were not off to the side where the hunter is, or in the lever room up against the north wall as close as possible, they would be too far away for the target chance to consider them as valid targets.

Since the demons have no clear path however, they will quickly re-target again, and 70% of the time choose the target closest to them. There is a small 10% change for them to turn and face those people further away due to the "random" or "weakest" target chance in their targeting.

If a monster has a reachable path to their target, they will only ever change target based on their re-target strategy chances. If a monster has NO clear path to their target, they will re-target each interval (technically uses some cipsoft pathfinding algorithm, but for all intents and purposes, it will retarget per interval basically). When a monster is choosing a new target, It does not consider if the new target is reachable or not, a monster will always select a target, but re-roll if it's not valid next interval. Kay might be able to explain this even better than I.

You can see this with monsters that are behind walls, they will still turn and face you while they're walking around randomly, because they will always select you as a target, even though you're not reachable.

Found a video of real tibia here, its a mage EU spam verison, but you can see them turn a couple times before dying
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For the doubters, this here is a better visual example of said behaviour from creature:
Bingo. Will ONLY happen though if there are players standing over to the west, or in the lever room where they are still within targeting range. But since demons are "trapped" they will re-roll their targeting every interval, instead of only 10% of the time as they would normally if they had a reachable path to their targets.
A new updated version of Modern Client has been released. This new client will require re-downloading from the website.

Please re-download the new client ASAP, as the old client will soon longer longer be able to connect to the server!

The new client has improvements to the walking mechanics. Issues with movement speed calculations with side stepping have been resolved and should now no longer create a rubber-banding effect when side stepping. Further to this, the behaviour for how paralyse is dispelled has been correct. Paralyse should be removed at the end of your current walk animation. The old client was changing speed locally which would cause some additional rubber banding. The new client now refreshes your speed at the end of your current step for more a more realistic behaviour.

The Cam Recording/Playback Controls module have also been improved. Cam Record files will now save any play from the same folder and will no longer require copying from the record location to the playback location. Cam records will now be saved in the applications AppData directory. Buttons have been updated in the client Play Cams menu to create a shortcut to this location, as well as open the records folder for ease of use. Further to this, Cam Playback Controls have now also been added. You can now increase/crease the cam playback speed with the Page Up and Page Down key. You can also skip 60 seconds of play time at the current playback speed using the Home key (Eg it will skip 120 seconds if the current playback speed is set to 2x) and reset the current playback speed to 1x and show the current Cam timestamp using the End key.

Various minor GUI fixes and adjustments have also beed made to improve that nostalgic feel of the client. Changes of this nature will continue to come and update automatically when opening the client.

Further to these changes, improved security settings have also been made on this client to not only fight off and prevent cheaters using external software, but also assist staff with investigation into use of such acitivities.

The new client uses a new working directory, so users will need to create a backup of their minimap file and save it to the new client's working directory. Instructions for this can be found here: Nostalther Violet (https://vlt.nostalther.com/migrateminimap.php)

Please be sure to re-download the latest client as soon as possible from the website, here: Nostalther Violet (https://vlt.nostalther.com/downloads.php)
For those who haven't tried Nostalther yet should do it!
one of the best servers on the list and also have friendly staff with active discord

We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to all of you for your incredible support. It's been an amazing journey, and we've come a long way in just one year. Your unwavering belief in us has fuelled our growth and determination. As we celebrate this milestone, we want you to know that we're here to stay, and our commitment to serving you remains as strong as ever. With your continued support, we look forward to many more years of success and collaboration. Thank you for being a vital part of our journey, and here's to a bright future together!

The Helmet of the Ancients quest has long been known as a challenging adventure with an underwhelming reward. For years, brave adventurers embarked on this difficult journey, only to find themselves with a helmet that didn't quite match the effort put in. However, in response to the feedback and dedication of the player community, the helmet has undergone significant changes to make it a more worthwhile reward. The true extent of the enhancements will be up to the players to discover. The Helmet of the Ancients now offers a more satisfying experience for those dedicated players.

We are thrilled to announce the long-awaited opening of Mac Noodles, a delightful food shop that pays homage to the rich lore of Tibia. Inspired by the tales and adventures within the game, Mac Noodles offers a mouth-watering menu that combines creativity and flavour to transport you to the fantastical world of Tibia. With savoury dishes reminiscent of iconic in-game locations, we invite you to savour the taste of adventure with every bite. Join us as we bring the magic of Tibia to your dining experience, and embark on a culinary journey like no other at Mac Noodles!

Further to the announcement above, we've also added exciting new food items to enhance your RPG experience. Whether you're a knight, paladin, or mage, there is something for everyone. Some of these items can be bought, while others can only be looted from monsters, adding an element of excitement to your culinary quests. So, fuel up and enjoy this tasty update – because heroes need good food to conquer challenges!

H.L. has undergone a modern makeover! In response to player feedback, HL now extends even better offers to trusted friends, making your interactions more rewarding. But that's not all – HL is now open to trade with everyone, including the formidable women adventurers of our world. So, whether you're an old friend or a newcomer, come visit HL and experience the updated and inclusive trading experience!

Prepare yourselves, for the realm is about to be engulfed in chaos! The malevolent demon Orshabaal, ancient and relentless, is on the brink of invading our lands. As the dark clouds gather and the ground trembles, heroes must unite like never before to face this formidable foe. Gear up, sharpen your swords, and summon your most potent spells, for the battle against Orshabaal promises to be a showdown of epic proportions. The fate of our world hangs in the balance, and the suspense for this impending invasion is electrifying. Are you ready to stand against the darkness and emerge victorious?