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[USA] [7.72] Elderan Online - Start 16th december friday

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Oct 27, 2012
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New Server 16th december, friday between 18.00 CET - 19.00 CET.

What is Elderan?

Elderan is a server that is inspired by old versions from the past. It is not exactly a classic server since a lot of things has been adjusted to fit to a more modern gameplay. Nevertheless we have kept features such as a player driven rune economy, aiming runes without hotkeys traditional. Changes we have made are for example vocations balancing (buffed vocations e.g. knight, paladin, druid), added new spells, new items, methods for rune-making etc.
The first time we launched the server, we had a lot of bugs and problems. This is now 1 year ago and since then we have tried our best to improve the server. We have added new monsters, new items, new features and fixed most of the problems from the past. So for everyone, that played Elderan in the past or for new players that are interested in trying out the server, we have decided to open a brand new server Optimus the next friday (16th december).

Optimus will be located in North America. The rates will be 2.0x EXP until level 150. After 150 the rate will go to 1,5x. Skill rate is 2x and other rates like loot and magic rate is 1x.The server is a long time project. The old server has been online for 1 year and is still online. There is a possibility that those two servers will get merged in the future, but that depends how the new server Optimus will envolve. It will be a PvP-Server but we decided to limit the PvP in the first days to level 50.

You can check out the homepage: Elderan (https://elderan.online) or join the discord for more information discord.io/elderan

Key factors that are new:Rune Making: We wanted to keep a player driven rune economy. It's hard to add new items for faster mana regeneration or adjusting the mana potion price to a nice and healthy price, so we thought about a way and decided to split normal spells & conjure spells. We have added a new bar under the health and mana bar and called it Spirit bar. The Spirit points will start regenerating if you eat food. All normal spells like healing, offensive or support spells will still use the normal mana points, while everything that can be created like runes, ammunition will consume spirit points. This means you can make runes while hunting because your mana and spirit is independant from each other. We also decided that Knights and Paladins are able to create most of the runes. Why? Well even Knights and Paladins use runes so why not let them create them? Of course they have a slower spirit regeneration then druids or sorcerers, thus they can create runes but slower. Later on you can craft a spell scroll by delivering a lot of creature products to a NPC (compareable with outfit addons). The Spellscroll has more charges & can be recharged for gold when it's empty.

Talents & Shiny Monsters: Besides in advancing in your known skills like magic, distance, sword etc. We have added a new mechanism that you can train up to get your character stronger. It's called Talents. You will be able to train it in Thais. There will be 5 NPCs for 5 different talents. One Handed Weapons, Two Handed Weapons, Crossbow, Bow & Magic. The maximum in this talents is 100 and you start with 0. Every talent will be advancing in full steps not in %. The NPCs will train you in a talent of your choice if you bring them talent shards & gold coins. Depending what talent you are training your character in you will benefit from critical damage, faster hits, faster shots or more healing. the higher your talent the more expensive to advance but also more powerful. Talent Shards can be found in rare shiny monsters. They are spawning randomly instead of normal monsters from time to time and carry more loot, give more experience and are stronger.

Task: Of course there is a task system but the task system on Elderan is a bit different. All tasks are repeatable and have random rewards that are either very rare, rare, semi-rare or common. So depending of the reward you are aiming for it can take a couple of tasks until you finally get the item of your wish. When finishing a task you never know what you can get.


Beware when you wander in the wilderness. Centaurs might have a camp there:

Ruins and mountains are the favourite place of the Harpy:

The tropical areas and jungles are a dangerous place. Make sure you don't end up as cat food.

The crypt of the kings are protected by watchers and worse.

If you are afraid of dragons, you should not cross path with a phoenix.

This is a great server! I played from the start, and watched this server change so much, for the better as well. Highly recommend it. Another thing I can assure on is, you will never lose your progress. Never resets. Regardless of player count, this server doesnt shut off. Its meant to stay.
Cheers <3 nice to see a new server finally though!
Server was great when I played the first version. However, time will tell after first update owner decides to make and if its well recieved or not. If no he will cry and go on a baby rage and disappear for a while. Or if he can't get something working as people intended. Same deal.

Was fun overall however, yet shit it required 3 makers to sustain hunting as nothing was in shops. Might've changed with the new spirit thing, might not have either.
Not recommend. This server is p2w, bugged and corrupted more than Kasteria.
Mr. Ragnarsson play with enemy's team, leak my IP and secret chars to Manowar.

GM says that he added skull icons becouse those guys was reported for botting xD
Good server, but yall need to calm down on the PVP restrictions. It's getting out of hand !

Also, 50+ for pvp is insane. And the ANTI lures in cities? This changes are not good for RPGERS but good for BOTTERS. You are creating a bot haven where we cant punish them.
Good server, but yall need to calm down on the PVP restrictions. It's getting out of hand !

Also, 50+ for pvp is insane. And the ANTI lures in cities? This changes are not good for RPGERS but good for BOTTERS. You are creating a bot haven where we cant punish them.
Just the start with Lee. Wait until he gets upset and starts shaking XD
Adding an update to this thread from a player who has happily played both servers. After reading through this thread I can see there definitely have been unhappy people who have played the server before, but if you play on the server like me, you will see there are plenty of happy players, they are just not posting online about it.

Elderan has always been a smaller community, but it is a friendly and helpful one. The people who play here will all agree that this server is one of the, if not the best server they've ever played on. I guess it just depends what you like!

The server has pvp enabled, but there typically is no pvp going on. Some people may love or hate that. When the server first launched there was a lot of pvp going on and war, but that has since subsided.

There are a lot of great systems on this server. The task system is nice, the bounty system which was introduced a few months ago is a nice addition as well. The Nightfall update has been super cool, added tons of content, and is a very unique and interesting area for high levels.

There is an upcoming update that will add forging to gear, allowing to add slots into gear and customize attributes. All the people playing right now are looking forward to it.

I feel like there are a lot of good things to be said about the server, but without making this post any longer, I will just say..

The server is worth playing and more people should give it a try.
Primis is dead, sure people play on it, what 5 or 6? They refuse to merge primis into optimus. Optimus has more items, more gold, more shards, more everything but a few levels. If you look in the highscores of Primis and Optimus top 20, its clear a merge wont do any harm. BUT they WONT DO IT(even though they said they would down the road if things got to what they are now). People spent hundreds if not thousands on primis, and in order for them to play with more people they NEED to play on Optimus? and what spend MORE $$???
merge the servers into one, its been too long now.
keeping 1 dead server, with a low population'd other, makes no sense.
they merged once before from EU to NA, i dont see why they cant do it again, and not have this divided small playerbase.
especially when people have already dumped a hell of a ton on primis, and are left to play alone, due to Optimus being there, but dont feel the need to spend more again on their characters.
Either play on your on own Primis and keep all youve done and spent, or play with people on Optimus and spend and do everything again and lose everything on primis?
this needs attending to.
People knew making Optimus would kill primis. But the new world was needed, I wont deny that. More players came to play and thats great!
But it doesnt change that Optimus did indeed kill primis completely. and now the staff needs to keep their end of the bargain and merge the servers already.

The server overall is great though! i will agree to this 100%. its an awesome game, and experience. Well worth playing.
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