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[USA] [8.0] Tibia Retro - Calmera! March 01, 2024, at 00:00 CET or February 29, 2024 at 20:00 BRT | New World Non-PvP!

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Aug 8, 2008
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Launch date:
March 01, 2024, at 00:00 CET or February 29, 2024 at 20:00 BRT

World: Calmera

World configuration:
-Datacenter US
-RPG Medium-rate 8.0 Realmap server
-World type: Non-PvP
-Custom Client
-Task In Client
-Quest Tracker
-Quest Log In Client
-Shop In Client
-No Pay To Win!
-All other features: https://tibiaretro.net/?information/world/Calmera


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We are thrilled to announce that the big day is almost here:

Calmera, our newest world inspired by Tibia's classic Non-PvP world peace, will be officially released on February 29, 2024. This will be a historic milestone in our journey, offering a haven for exciting adventures while maintaining the peaceful essence that so many of you have enjoyed. Calmera promises to be a world where every corner hides secrets to be discovered and challenges to be overcome.

As we approach this highly anticipated launch, we invite all players to prepare to be the first to set foot in Calmera, shape its history, and define the legacy of this incredible world. Character creation is now open, allowing you to reserve your place in this adventure from the very beginning of this world. Don't miss the chance to contribute to the construction of Calmera, sharing your ideas, expectations and suggestions in the new dedicated space on our forum and, above all, sharing with your friends. Join us at this monumental event and let's, together, make Calmera an unforgettable world, reflecting the passion for Tibia Retro!

Yours sincerely,
Tibia Retro Team
ear players, would you like to win 30 days VIP Account?! If so, just take a beautiful photo of your character/worlds, and our team will choose the most elegant photo and grant you a 30-day VIP Account.
To post the photo, just go to the forum gallery and post the image, on March 30th we will choose the winner!

13 Mar 2024 - We fixed the critical bugs that were in the game worlds mailbox, thank you for being sincere in letting us know!
never understood why people play no pvp but seems like server is well done. best of luck
The Explorer Society Quest: from the next server save everything we have developed so far in this quest will be available in the players' quest log. We are aware that there are still some parts of the quest left to be completed, so we will continue with development so that we can complete this quest in Tibia Retro.

Big Server Update: The Ice Island Quest Arrives April 19th!

ear players,
we are excited to announce that a new adventure awaits players on our server! "The Ice Island Quest" was created with a lot of ded1713542782248.pngication and will be available to all players from the next server save, on April 19th.This exciting quest will take adventurers on a journey through the frigid landscapes of the Ice Islands, where unprecedented challenges and incredible rewards await those brave enough to face their dangers. Get ready to explore unknown territories, unravel ancient mysteries and fight frozen creatures in an epic saga that promises to change the landscape of adventures on the server.
Quest Details:
  • Release: The quest will be released in the server save on April 19th.
  • Access: All players who meet the level criteria and prerequisites from previous missions will be able to participate.
  • Rewards: In addition to the Norseman Outfits and respective addons, they include exclusive items and unique experiences that can only be acquired by completing Ice Island challenges.
We invite all players to prepare for this new adventure. Upgrade your equipment, form your teams and be ready for the server save on April 19th, because Ice Island awaits you!

Good luck, adventurers! May the cold winds of the Ice Islands bring success to your journey!
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ear Players,

We are thrilled to announce that, as of the next server save, all mechanics of the Explorer Society Quest and The Ice Island Quest will be fully available on our server. This update marks the 100% completion of these iconic quests, allowing you to experience them in their entirety.




Prepare your gear and rally your friends as you embark on these thrilling adventures. We can't wait to see you in-game and hear about your epic exploits.

Happy adventuring!


Tibia Retro Team