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[USA] [8.6] Blazera Real Map 8.60 [SEASON 2 - APRIL 28TH] Magic Items | Reborn | Mini Bosses | Events

Server Website/AAC
Server Address
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Client Protocol

[Sept 15th - 17th Change Logs]
-Unjustified Window will no longer causes messages to pop up in default, it now uses internal time functioning to display frag information.
-Cast System is 100% functional again on our custom client, due to recent updates it had issues but they should all be resolved now. We will soon be granting XP Bonus for casting as well, so stay tuned!
-Full Minimap added to custom client. No longer do you need to venture into dark caves with no map!
(Open %appdata% and open the BlazeraOT folder, delete minimap860 and reopen the client to download)

Join us today at www.blazera.net
[Sept 18th - 19th Change Log]
-Loot Message will now properly display in Loot Channel.
-Ring of Luck re-added to web shop.
-FAQ Page information updated.
-Elder Blazerian now properly displays the quest window for each city.
-!quest talkaction now works to display a list of all quests with completed status.
-New Classic Tibia Layout has been added to the client.
-Updated Client in Downloads Section on website.​
[Sept 20th Change Log]

-3 New Slot Machines are now active in the Thais Casino with Jackpot Prizes of 500, 1000 and 1500!

-Rashid Login Message to display current location.

-Setup the rewards for completing server activity tasks at the Champion NPC.

-Spawn bosses with tiered eggs that you can loot randomly for higher end creatures.
[Coming Soon]​
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